Friday, 31 December 2010

Our Fave Team LT Moments of 2010

I have a feelin' ... oooooooh oooooooh .... that tonight is gonna be a good night....

Forgive me for quoting the Black Eyed Peas, but tonight really is going to be a good night. Logan is looking forward to ordering Chinese Food (which we get to eat downstairs) and watching movies. He's somehow got his heart set on watching Spiderman. So Spiderman it is!

I think we'll craft up some party hats too, even though none of the kids (or adults for that matter) will make it until midnight.


Now onto our year in review post. This one features our top ten moments of 2010. Team LT had a terrific year.

There were so many other great moments in 2010 that didn't fit into the top 10 list:
- Logan and Lane's birthdays
- Terry's and My birthdays
- Father's Day
- Thanksgiving
- the lazy days of summer when we spent the entire day outside running through the sprinkler
- planting a garden with kids
- going to the beach
- visiting daddy at work
- making a bunch of comforters for Siloam Mission
- getting a new car
- Halloween

And there were some things that were certainly memorable, but not very much fun:
- the basement flood
- the January Blizzard while Terry was in Ottawa
- Heart surgery news

And of course, here are the top 10 highlights:

10) Lane's First Trip to the Zoo
Lane made it all the way through the zoo without too much fussing and we had a great time showing Logan his faves - the turtles!

9) Easter!
This was a bit of a fail on our part. We totally forgot to create a bunch of hoopla about the Easter Bunny. Oh well, Logan was still excited about his Easter treats. And we still call Laney's giraffe a "Pony" hehehe

8) Mother's Day 2010
My first Mother's Day with 2 kids! Logan and Lane are my wondrous blessings and I love being their mommy.

7) An Early Spring Day
Spring sprang early in 2010 and we took full advantage of it. Logan pulled out his bubble mower before the snow was even melted. What an awesome day.

6) Project Upcycle
For the whole month of February I was busy creating new things out of the old and having a fun time keeping everyone guessing as to what I would make next! What a busy month!

5) Cornmaze Fun!
We had such a terrific day when we went to the cornmaze for the first time ever this year. We almost fell off the back of a horsedrawn wagon. We scaled and conquered a huge hay stack. Lane got her first glimpse of a horsey and went berserk. Logan enjoyed leading his family through around and around in circles in the maze. A truly a-maize-ing day.

4) The Sun was Shining In Winnipeg This Earth Day 2010
This was truly an awesome day. We started out with a picnic on Lyndale Avenue with Jen and her baby Claire. We played a fast version of nature bingo. Then we ended the afternoon at Norwood park. A perfect, perfect day!

3) A Team LT Christmas
It happened just last week, and it was one of our most awesome moments of 2010. Christmas with children is the best! The excitement is infectious.

2) Logan's First Day of Pre-school
I live blogged this one throughout the day. My heart was aching as having to let go of my baby, but it was also full and proud of my little man for moving into another stage in his young life.

And number 1! Like you didn't see this one coming...

1) Terry and Tawny Get Married!

The blog and our lives were pretty much overrun by wedding planning and it culminated in the most wonderful ceremony I could have ever dreamed of. If you click the link above it should take you to a list of all 35 wedding related posts :D

Do you have any special moments with any of the Team LT bunch that you would like to share? And if you are an Internets friend, which is the post that stands out the most to you? What a terrific year eh?

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