Tuesday, 14 December 2010

O' Christmas Tree (2010)

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If you're a regular, then won't you join me for Team LT's Christmas Tree 2010.

We started on Sunday by going to a local Christmas tree place and picking out a nice tall, skinny tree that would fit nicely in our livingroom. Let me tell ya, it's so nice to have a roof rack. This is the first year that we didn't have to shove our poor tree into the trunk and then suffer with the pine needles everywhere for the next year. I think we had about 5 years worth of pine needles in that trunk. Sheesh.

Logan was actually very patient while we put up the lights and the garland. Although he did his own brand of "helping" which included dropping the garland in a pile for mommy to untangle during every pass around the tree.

Lane didn't do too badly with not touching the tree or knocking over the tree. She looked on and played with the decorations that we gave her. Logan predicted that she would knock over the tree 38 times before we packed it in for the year.

So far the tree has fallen over once but it's wasn't Lane's fault. We were all downstairs when it just decided to fall over. Terry got it standing back up and we only broke a couple of decorations. Woo!

Terry helped put the decorations on the upper part of the tree since Logan was mainly decorating one side of the bottom. He actually put every candycane inches away from each other on one part of the tree. Awesome 4 year old decorating!

And of course we couldn't have our tree without our silly little snowman on the top. Logan did the honours (with a little help from daddy). What a handsome snowman sitting at the top of our tree!

I bet Santa will really love him!


Next up: The most adorable, cute, precious - adora-precious Christmas concert ever! I just gotta upload the videos and pictures and type out a post for it tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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