Sunday, 19 December 2010

My Winnings

I should have bought a lottery ticket on my birthday.

As some of you know, I have an extensive Blog Reader list and I very often enter giveaways that happen on my favourite blogs. On or around my birthday I entered to win several goodies and I totally made a killing!

1) First I won two very pretty hair clippies for Lane. The giveaway was hosted by All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something. The clippies were made by a terrific Canadian handmade accessories company Lee Lee Designs.

Aww doesn't she look just like a model? After this photo, she immediately tried to pull the barrette out of her hair. Oh well... she was adorable while it lasted.

Here's another one she let me snap before she tried pulling it out of her hair. Logan is hiding in the background because he wanted so badly to be part of the action.

2) I won these pretty hair bows from KM Little Somethings. The giveaway was hosted by another favourite blog of mine Smile and Wave.

Not quite sure what I will do with these. I can't see wearing them in my hair because Lane would pull them out as soon as she got close enough. But I might decorate something with them. :D

3) This next one I can't show a picture for. It's a surprise for Logan. I won a picture of Santa visiting our home from Catch A Character. Awesome! The blog hosting this giveaway was This Mom Loves.

We tried it out last night after I wrapped a pile of presents and placed them under the tree for a "trial" Christmas. I took a bunch of pictures and then uploaded it to the site and chose the Santa I wanted and adjusted everything all nice. Logan is going to go berserk when he sees that Santa was at his house!

4) Although I didn't enter this one near my birthday, I also won one of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaways. IKEA Fabric from The Sewing Dork. Excited about this as well! I love fabric and we don't have an IKEA in Winnipeg yet, so this is wonderful.

Dude! I'm on a winning streak! Maybe I oughta buy that lottery ticket...

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