Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Mommy Needs a Tune Up

I feel a bit like a car lately. Mommy's heart needs a serious tune up.

We didn't think we'd have to share this news so soon, but here it is:

I've been approved for heart valve replacement surgery in Edmonton.

They've put me on the surgical wait list. Heaven only knows how long the list is, but it's looking like it'll be sooner rather than later. I've already been sent in for preliminary tests (blood work, EKG, CT, etc).

We just received a whole package about recovery and what to do at the hospital, along with brochures about where to stay when we arrive in Edmonton.

I'm a little bit frightened ... Okay I'M A LOT FRIGHTENED!!!

So if you have any questions, I probably don't know the answer - we are only in the planning stages right now. But it seems that in the New Year I'll be doing a heck of a lot of recovery and not much hugging and carrying my kids around *cry*

I'm taking this news a step at a time. Right now I've got to find a dentist in Winnipeg that is familiar with heart issues in their patients. I've never been to the dentist here (I know - it's a horrible thing to admit!) and now I've got to get some sort of dental form filled out assessing if I'm fit for heart surgery. Gah!

If you are still reading this depressing post and know of a wonderful dentist in Winnipeg who might be accepting new (pain in the ass) patients like me, let me know :)

I'll be patched up soon enough - and everything can get back to normal. I just think 2011 might be a long, rough, bumpy kinda year. I thank you all ahead of time for your understanding and support. I have the best friends and family a girl could ever hope to have!


Mandy said...

Oh, Tawny! I'll keep you in my prayers. You're a tough chicky, and I think you'll be back to normal sooner than you think. It will be hard, not being able to pick up your kids. I wish I were closer so that I could tend your kids when you needed and make you meals, and clean your house and all of that kinda of stuff. Good luck finding a dentist...I know how fun that is :)

Anonymous said...

I am here if you want to chat. I have had 5 OHS. Hugs!

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

Tawny, sending lots of healing thoughts your way!

Jennie said...

You poor girl, what a scary time. My toddler likes to give hugs by pressing his cheek against people's legs - I bet Logan and Laney will find a way to keep sharing hugs with you.

Best wishes from the far side of the world.

x x x