Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Logan's First Christmas Concert

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Warning: The Adora-Preciousness of this post is off the charts... don't say I didn't warn you...

We went to Logan's pre-school Christmas concert last night!

Oh My Gosh!

So cute!

Even Lane was well behaved even though the show didn't start until 7:00 pm

She couldn't wait to see her brother singing. She even did a little dance in front of us, complete with twirls while we were watching. Awww...

Logan is in the purple shirt, second in (from the right) on the bottom row.

Notice how he's not paying any attention to his teacher, but instead he's looking for us. Awww...

Good thing the show was only 15 minutes long. That's about all the attention span a 4year old has. They were all yawning by the end, but they all knew when to ring their bells and shout really loud hehehe

There he is again trying to walk in a line with the other kids. They were getting all mixed up, but they ended up in the proper place anyway. Adorable!

And of course, I wouldn't leave you without showing a video!



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