Monday, 27 December 2010

Handmade Holidays: Table Linens

Now that our good friends Josh and Mel have opened their Christmas present from us, I can show you the finish!

Pretty table linens don't you think?

I absolutely love the way these turned out. Everything was matched, but not too closely. The patterns all worked together without being too much the same. I just can't decide which I like best.

The reversible place mats. I got the idea for these from this pattern on Sew 4 Home (I didn't use a trapezoidal design). The fabric I chose first was the brown Aboriginal design (I think it said it was from some sort of Canadiana collection?) All the others I chose to go with this in mostly blues and browns.

The napkins. I used another coordinating fabric - the brown and beige - as the base for the napkin, then added the place mat fabric as a band along the bottom. I made the napkin rings by sewing together a band from the trim of the place mats and finishing them with a plastic snap. So pretty! These napkins are based loosely on this pattern from Sew 4 Home.

These quilted mitt pot holders don't really photograph well. What is with all that glare? Anyway, I used the same three main napkin fabrics with the mitt potholders and once again the trim is the same zig zag stuff. This was the first time I've attempted to make these and I had a half an hour to make them before the kids needed to be put to bed (the night before Josh was coming over to exchange presents!) Talk about pressure!

But they turned out OK. I had a slight problem binding them properly. I used this pattern, once again from Sew 4 Home. They called for me to bind them with regular bias tape, but I had made so much of my own, that I wanted to use it. I missed one corner on one side but was able to sew the mitt together without it looking too terrible. I also couldn't really figure out that little pleat thing in the centre of the mitt, so I opted to cut them with more of a curve. With more time, I might attempt it.

I think they are a super neat idea. A potholder and oven mitt in one! Very practical and stylish!

Altogether there are 6 reversible place mats, 6 napkins and 2 mitt pot holders. A perfect amount for a terrific dinner party.

Terry now says that I need to make some place mats for us. Apparently he had place mats when he was a kid and thinks that this should be part of our table as well. Add them to my list of projects to do in the New Year!


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