Friday, 10 December 2010

Handmade Holidays: Pajamas For Everyone!

Look at me getting up early and posting the next handmade holidays before you even finished reading the last! OK - I'll tell the truth - Lane woke up at 6:30 and I've got nothing better to do...

Almost everyone on my list is getting new Pajama Pants for Christmas. Why you ask?

Doesn't everyone need pajamas?

Actually this idea came to me in the summer of last year. I had made some Froggie Jammies for Logan and my brother in law saw a picture of them. He then commented to my sister that those Froggie jammies were cool and why couldn't adults have cool jammies like that?

Why can't they indeed!

Here are the two pairs I made for the boys. Guitars and skiing Reindeer!

And the two pairs I made for the girls. Snowflakes and Snow Monkeys!

I got a little creative with the girl pairs. I made a soft gathered, ruffly kind of waistband instead of the usual folded under casing and elastic. I think they turned out really nice and comfy.

Nice eh? I kinda wish I had the forethought to buy some cute flannelette for myself as well. I'm in need of some jammies too!

Here is Logan posing in his Froggie Jammies (the inspiration for this crazy pajama gift-making factory).


Anonymous said...

Cute - nice family...But...Why would you want to put blood and skulls on a pair of jammies for a little boy?

Tawny said...

Hmm you must be referring to the later Giveaway post because none of these pajama pants have skulls on them and none of them are for little boys.

As for the skulls fabric in the giveaway post - there is no blood pictured on it. The red and black are dragons! :D And the skulls aren't scary. I think they are DJ pirates - very cartooney. My son actually picked this fabric out himself.

But - to each his own right? We like the fabric and someone else might not. He doesn't wear pajamas to school, so we allow him to choose what he likes for night wear.