Thursday, 16 December 2010

Handmade Holidays: Nightgown

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Here is my take on the traditional nightgown.

It's not really my style, but I think it suits the person that we are giving it to.

The fabric has snow wolves on it. Badass!

I added a little feminine (but not too feminine) trim onto the front. Actually this eyelet lace was upcycled from one of Lane's dresses that she doesn't fit into anymore. I had just enough!

I designed the pattern myself. A square yoke, straight sleeves. I didn't want anything too fancy because the person we're giving this nightgown to isn't really into frills and puffy.

Unfortunately, there wasn't enough snow wolves fabric at the store to have enough for the entire gown. So I had to pick up some blue flannel to go along with it. As you can see, I had to choose the flannel on a different day than I bought the snow wolves. Ooops, the blue doesn't quite match. Oh well, I think it's better than the alternative which was to buy the baby blue flannel which totally looked like baby wipes or diapers to me.

I'll let you know if the recipient likes it!

And a question: I don't wear these type of nightgowns, so I wasn't sure where to hem it. The recipient is shorter than me, so I hemmed it so that it won't be dragging on the floor. I think it'll hang somewhere around mid-calf. Should it have been longer? Or shorter? I just didn't want her tripping on it when she's unwinding for the evening.


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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

mid calf is an excellent length, warm but not trippy heehee