Saturday, 18 December 2010

A Crazy Christmas Puppy and December Giveaway Day Winner

I won't keep you waiting if you're here to see the winner of the giveaway.

Yay! Joanna will be getting three boyish pieces of flannelette in her mailbox as soon as Canada Post gets in gear to deliver it! :D

And for my regular readers...

The other day I sent Terry and the kids our grocery shopping. They do this together once a week to give momma a break. I love the time I get to rest.

But then I run the risk of Terry picking up instruments of torture like this:

This is Laney's new Christmas Puppy. He sings and dances.

Normally a child this young would run away screaming from such a loud, obnoxious toy. But not Lane! She carries this thing around with her everywhere and sings along with it!

I submit the following video as evidence if anyone sees this poor toy mangled and thrown out into a snowbank. I'm not responsible for my actions!

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