Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day

Is it called Boxing Day because it takes all day to box up all the mess from Christmas?

Look at this kid in the middle of this disaster of wrapping and boxes. And look at daddy's old robe - yipes! Both of these problems will be remedied today. We will go through the wrapping and boxes and find what to reuse and what to recycle. And we will make a trip to the Boxing Day sale at the Fabric store to buy a pile of normally expensive fleece to make Terry a new robe for his birthday :D

Lane got a tea set that makes cute little bubbling and pouring noises. This gift (other than the obvious Band Hero) seems to be the hit of the Christmas haul. Lane loves to pour us some tea and make sipping noises as she tries it out. Logan loves this silly little tea set as well. The two kids have been fighting over it all day yesterday. Sheesh.

And yes, that's a huge pile of garbage in the background of this photo. I had better hop to it and start boxing it all up into the recycle bin! We also take down the tree today or tomorrow. Terry's birthday is on the 29th, so we don't want too much Christmas stuff clogging up that celebration. :D

Is anyone else heading out to Boxing Day sales? Or perhaps you're already standing in line somewhere? Did you get any good deals?

Or are you at home like me, contemplating how we're going to clean up all this garbage when pick up isn't for another week? ACK!

If you are the at-home online kinda shopper, you'll be pleased to know that Tawny Bee is having a Boxing Week Sale. I've marked everything in my Zibbet shop down 10% until December 31st. Go check it out - I've been adding some new listings and will be adding more this week! If you're local, just message me before you check out and I'll knock the shipping off your order and deliver the items myself :)

Happy Boxing!

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