Saturday, 4 December 2010

At Least It's Not a Mini Van

So I guess people want to see actual pictures of our new ride. Here they are!

We now have a 2007 Ford Focus Wagon. Yup, the closest thing we could get to a minivan without actually going that heinous route. A family station wagon! Oh yeah!

Logan, who is very aware of new things in his life, is processing this new event like a champ. While Lane was having her afternoon nap, he insisted on going outside and taking these photos. The one above and the one with me (looking all crazy in my thrown on winter gear) are both taken by him.

He's a little bit worried about the responsibility of having a new car. There was a bit of a cry when he thought about how people might steal it. We assured him that we have an immobilizer and door locks, so no one will be able to steal it. And he's a little stressed out about the lights. He wants to make sure that they are off when we leave the car. I let him go back out to check a couple of times to ease his mind. I also let him help me plug in the block heater, because he's a bit worried that I might forget.

I took him to school (even though it's a block away) in the new car this week. It was very exciting to him to be able to pick out the CD that we were going to listen to and put it in the slot himself. Personally, I'm more excited about the heated seats and the remote car starter. We put batteries in the remotes the other day and tried it out. It was heaven to hear the car start while standing inside our warm house! Yay!

The new car gets the Logan approval smile!

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

ummm but mini vans hold more craft sale supplies!!

nice new ride :)