Wednesday, 29 December 2010

29 on the 29th

This guy just turned 29! He's looking pretty sexy eh? And he's all mine :D

Logan made him a birthday banner and was very excited to tape it to the front door so that daddy would see it as soon as he got home from work. I think it says "Happy Birthday Daddy."

We went to Red Lobster to celebrate. Yum!

Lane enjoyed the ketchup the most. hehe

Logan and I made a cherry cheesecake (as is the tradition) for Daddy. We only had the number 2 candle, so we stuck it on there. He acts 2 sometimes, so why not? :P

Now that we've eaten our weight in birthday treats, we're gonna sit back and relax tonight and make room for the New Years Chinese Food which will be consumed in a few days.

Does anyone have plans for New Years? Whatcha doin?

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