Friday, 31 December 2010

Our Fave Team LT Moments of 2010

I have a feelin' ... oooooooh oooooooh .... that tonight is gonna be a good night....

Forgive me for quoting the Black Eyed Peas, but tonight really is going to be a good night. Logan is looking forward to ordering Chinese Food (which we get to eat downstairs) and watching movies. He's somehow got his heart set on watching Spiderman. So Spiderman it is!

I think we'll craft up some party hats too, even though none of the kids (or adults for that matter) will make it until midnight.


Now onto our year in review post. This one features our top ten moments of 2010. Team LT had a terrific year.

There were so many other great moments in 2010 that didn't fit into the top 10 list:
- Logan and Lane's birthdays
- Terry's and My birthdays
- Father's Day
- Thanksgiving
- the lazy days of summer when we spent the entire day outside running through the sprinkler
- planting a garden with kids
- going to the beach
- visiting daddy at work
- making a bunch of comforters for Siloam Mission
- getting a new car
- Halloween

And there were some things that were certainly memorable, but not very much fun:
- the basement flood
- the January Blizzard while Terry was in Ottawa
- Heart surgery news

And of course, here are the top 10 highlights:

10) Lane's First Trip to the Zoo
Lane made it all the way through the zoo without too much fussing and we had a great time showing Logan his faves - the turtles!

9) Easter!
This was a bit of a fail on our part. We totally forgot to create a bunch of hoopla about the Easter Bunny. Oh well, Logan was still excited about his Easter treats. And we still call Laney's giraffe a "Pony" hehehe

8) Mother's Day 2010
My first Mother's Day with 2 kids! Logan and Lane are my wondrous blessings and I love being their mommy.

7) An Early Spring Day
Spring sprang early in 2010 and we took full advantage of it. Logan pulled out his bubble mower before the snow was even melted. What an awesome day.

6) Project Upcycle
For the whole month of February I was busy creating new things out of the old and having a fun time keeping everyone guessing as to what I would make next! What a busy month!

5) Cornmaze Fun!
We had such a terrific day when we went to the cornmaze for the first time ever this year. We almost fell off the back of a horsedrawn wagon. We scaled and conquered a huge hay stack. Lane got her first glimpse of a horsey and went berserk. Logan enjoyed leading his family through around and around in circles in the maze. A truly a-maize-ing day.

4) The Sun was Shining In Winnipeg This Earth Day 2010
This was truly an awesome day. We started out with a picnic on Lyndale Avenue with Jen and her baby Claire. We played a fast version of nature bingo. Then we ended the afternoon at Norwood park. A perfect, perfect day!

3) A Team LT Christmas
It happened just last week, and it was one of our most awesome moments of 2010. Christmas with children is the best! The excitement is infectious.

2) Logan's First Day of Pre-school
I live blogged this one throughout the day. My heart was aching as having to let go of my baby, but it was also full and proud of my little man for moving into another stage in his young life.

And number 1! Like you didn't see this one coming...

1) Terry and Tawny Get Married!

The blog and our lives were pretty much overrun by wedding planning and it culminated in the most wonderful ceremony I could have ever dreamed of. If you click the link above it should take you to a list of all 35 wedding related posts :D

Do you have any special moments with any of the Team LT bunch that you would like to share? And if you are an Internets friend, which is the post that stands out the most to you? What a terrific year eh?

Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 Year In Review: Top Blog Posts

I thought I'd do a series of Year in Review-type posts with the help of my family and (in this case) Google Analytics.

The first in the series will be a top 10 of your favourite LT Experience blog posts from the past year:

(Actually it's only from the last half of the year since I set Google Analytics up in June)

10) Wedding Top - Finished!

Readers certainly enjoyed the trials and tribulations I went through to sew all my wedding stuff. My wedding top just makes the list at 209 views.

9) Project Upcycle Day 17: Heart Healthy Sports Bra

Because I didn't sign up to Analytics until June, it's surprising that any of the project upcycle items made it into the list. But you guys really loved this one from back in February and visited 212 times.

8) Tawny Bee Clothing Tags

I was playing around with iron on transfers and discovered that they would make great clothing tags. You thought so too 244 times.

7) Pre-Schooler Pants

I loved designing this pattern for Logan. Now I just gotta figure out how to turn it into a PDF for all of you to enjoy. The process of making them was visited 285 times.

6) How To: Upcycled Patchwork Baby Bibs

Readers really love their tutorials and free patterns. I'm glad they are being used and enjoyed. This How To was visited 427 times.

5) The Most Emotional Skirt in the World

This one has a special place in my heart because I went through so much to make the skirt that I wore to my wedding. You visited this post 435 times.

4) The Bridesmaid Outfits

Oooh the shirring! The lucky red! Who wouldn't love this post. It was visited 436 times.

3) How To: Laney's Emergency Summer Hat

There seems to be a trend here - readers are really digging the How To's and the sewing related posts. This one was visited 749 times.

2) Sweater Boots! Upcycled Project

This one has only been up a few months, but thanks to being featured in the Fave Crafts newsletter - readers have visited a whopping 3,310 times!

And now .... your number one pick for most visited blog post on the LT Experience..... (drum roll)....

1) Squidward Costume - Fait Accompli

You guys really love to look up pictures of Squidward and somehow ended up on my blog 3,671 times!

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

29 on the 29th

This guy just turned 29! He's looking pretty sexy eh? And he's all mine :D

Logan made him a birthday banner and was very excited to tape it to the front door so that daddy would see it as soon as he got home from work. I think it says "Happy Birthday Daddy."

We went to Red Lobster to celebrate. Yum!

Lane enjoyed the ketchup the most. hehe

Logan and I made a cherry cheesecake (as is the tradition) for Daddy. We only had the number 2 candle, so we stuck it on there. He acts 2 sometimes, so why not? :P

Now that we've eaten our weight in birthday treats, we're gonna sit back and relax tonight and make room for the New Years Chinese Food which will be consumed in a few days.

Does anyone have plans for New Years? Whatcha doin?

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Handmade Holidays: How Joyful Bear

For my friend Jen's little girl I had to make The How Joyful Bear. He's the perfect Christmas present for a little girl baby!

I've been saving this pattern for a few months in anticipation of trying it out. Lane is obsessed with stuffies, so I figure maybe another baby the same age as Lane would also love one.

I used soft fleece in two shades of green. This bear is super cuddly and warm and soft. And an awesome TV watching companion as Lane is showing us in the photo above.

But this pattern is not for the faint of heart. The pieces were wonderfully done - they fit together perfectly. The instructions, however, were sparse. I spent more time trying to figure out how to sew all these pieces together than I did actually sewing them together!

Well worth the trouble though.

What you talkin' about bear?

Uh oh - looks like it might be difficult to pry this bear away from my little girl to give to Claire. No worries though, I'll make another one for Lane when the fun from all her new Christmas stuff starts to wane.

Does anyone want to suggest a name for this new bear?

Monday, 27 December 2010

Handmade Holidays: Table Linens

Now that our good friends Josh and Mel have opened their Christmas present from us, I can show you the finish!

Pretty table linens don't you think?

I absolutely love the way these turned out. Everything was matched, but not too closely. The patterns all worked together without being too much the same. I just can't decide which I like best.

The reversible place mats. I got the idea for these from this pattern on Sew 4 Home (I didn't use a trapezoidal design). The fabric I chose first was the brown Aboriginal design (I think it said it was from some sort of Canadiana collection?) All the others I chose to go with this in mostly blues and browns.

The napkins. I used another coordinating fabric - the brown and beige - as the base for the napkin, then added the place mat fabric as a band along the bottom. I made the napkin rings by sewing together a band from the trim of the place mats and finishing them with a plastic snap. So pretty! These napkins are based loosely on this pattern from Sew 4 Home.

These quilted mitt pot holders don't really photograph well. What is with all that glare? Anyway, I used the same three main napkin fabrics with the mitt potholders and once again the trim is the same zig zag stuff. This was the first time I've attempted to make these and I had a half an hour to make them before the kids needed to be put to bed (the night before Josh was coming over to exchange presents!) Talk about pressure!

But they turned out OK. I had a slight problem binding them properly. I used this pattern, once again from Sew 4 Home. They called for me to bind them with regular bias tape, but I had made so much of my own, that I wanted to use it. I missed one corner on one side but was able to sew the mitt together without it looking too terrible. I also couldn't really figure out that little pleat thing in the centre of the mitt, so I opted to cut them with more of a curve. With more time, I might attempt it.

I think they are a super neat idea. A potholder and oven mitt in one! Very practical and stylish!

Altogether there are 6 reversible place mats, 6 napkins and 2 mitt pot holders. A perfect amount for a terrific dinner party.

Terry now says that I need to make some place mats for us. Apparently he had place mats when he was a kid and thinks that this should be part of our table as well. Add them to my list of projects to do in the New Year!


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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing Day

Is it called Boxing Day because it takes all day to box up all the mess from Christmas?

Look at this kid in the middle of this disaster of wrapping and boxes. And look at daddy's old robe - yipes! Both of these problems will be remedied today. We will go through the wrapping and boxes and find what to reuse and what to recycle. And we will make a trip to the Boxing Day sale at the Fabric store to buy a pile of normally expensive fleece to make Terry a new robe for his birthday :D

Lane got a tea set that makes cute little bubbling and pouring noises. This gift (other than the obvious Band Hero) seems to be the hit of the Christmas haul. Lane loves to pour us some tea and make sipping noises as she tries it out. Logan loves this silly little tea set as well. The two kids have been fighting over it all day yesterday. Sheesh.

And yes, that's a huge pile of garbage in the background of this photo. I had better hop to it and start boxing it all up into the recycle bin! We also take down the tree today or tomorrow. Terry's birthday is on the 29th, so we don't want too much Christmas stuff clogging up that celebration. :D

Is anyone else heading out to Boxing Day sales? Or perhaps you're already standing in line somewhere? Did you get any good deals?

Or are you at home like me, contemplating how we're going to clean up all this garbage when pick up isn't for another week? ACK!

If you are the at-home online kinda shopper, you'll be pleased to know that Tawny Bee is having a Boxing Week Sale. I've marked everything in my Zibbet shop down 10% until December 31st. Go check it out - I've been adding some new listings and will be adding more this week! If you're local, just message me before you check out and I'll knock the shipping off your order and deliver the items myself :)

Happy Boxing!

Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Team LT Christmas

Santa came!

Turkey was eaten!

A helluva lotta Band Hero was played!

From our family to yours HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Friday, 24 December 2010

A New Christmas Eve Tradition?

Twas the day before Christmas and all through the bathroom,
Mildew was lurking – impending doom!

The caulking was put in the toolbelt with care,
In the hopes that mommy the plumber soon would be there;

The kids were all nestled in mommy's bed,
While Kids CBC distracted their heads;

Momma in her old clothes and Logan in smock,
We all settled down to deal with caulk;

When from the bathroom there arose suck a clatter,
Mommy was swearing, what's the matter?

Away to the kitchen she flew like a flash,
To find somewhere she could throw this old trash;

The new caulking went fine, she put it on slow,
Some here and some there, some up and some below;

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,
A fine line of caulk, so straight and so clear;

And laying her caulking gun aside from her nose,
Giving a nod, up from the tub she rose;

But they heard her exclaim as she moved out of site

Happy Caulking To All and To All a Good Night!

(Poem is a terribly written version of The Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore or Henry Livingston)

Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Holiday Party

There was a Christmas party for Logan's nursery school yesterday. Since I went to the Halloween one with Logan, daddy was up for this party.

There was a visit from Santa. And surprise of all surprises, Logan actually sat on Santa's knee! It helped that Santa was giving out bags of goodies I'm sure ;)


And the kids (with some adult supervision) made gingerbread houses.

It's an architectural and structural masterpiece!

I just heard that Terry will be playing Santa at his office holiday party. Oh dear...

Rock That Beard Babe!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Curiosity Killed The Kids

This is also a test of my mobile posting abilities. We'll see how it goes.

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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Handmade Holidays: Snowman Soup

Logan is having his nursery school Christmas party tomorrow morning. He's decided to bring daddy this time since mommy went to the Halloween party with him. There is all sorts of fun and games planned and some gingerbread house making too!

This afternoon, Logan and I worked at making some cool holiday party favours to bring to class tomorrow for his classmates.

Snowman Soup!

I found the idea for Snowman soup from From An Igloo who found it from Organized Christmas.

I liked the bag topper printable from Organized Christmas, but I didn't like the poem on the back. Not because it wasn't fun and cute, but mostly because I didn't want to buy a pile of candy canes (that would remain uneaten around our house) as stir sticks and this was a part of the poem.

So I erased the poem (leaving the copyright of course) and wrote Happy Holidays from Logan on the back of each treat bag.

Snowman Soup consists of hot chocolate, marshmallows and a Christmas candy. Yum! All peanut free and looking oh so professional, dontcha think?

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