Saturday, 27 November 2010

Winter Catch Up

It's not like winter caught us unawares or anything. It was just that I was so busy getting everything ready for those craft shows, that I couldn't even think about sewing anything else.

I've been playing a bit of catch up.

When I was young, my mom would have a box of mittens at the front door. When we were outside playing, we could run inside and switch mitts whenever we soaked ours through. I realized this was a good idea this week when Logan went out to play. So much winter fun to be had, but the fingers need to stay warm!

So I traced his hand and started making mitts. I used the long thin piece of Sponge Bob fleece that I got in a pack of various Sponge Bob fabric. I made him some mittens and a scarf out of it.

Then we found out that Lane will not stand for having her mitts snapped onto her coat. She can't move her fingers around enough when playing outside. Logan didn't have any trouble with this when he was younger because he was content to sit in the sled and observe the winter activities. Laney is more hands on. So mitts that are easy to move around are a bonus! I made her a couple of pairs.

Logan decided that his baby sister needed Sponge Bob mitts and a scarf too, so I used what was left and eeked them out.

Lastly, I finally convinced Terry that close to 8 years of not wearing jogging pants means that he probably won't ever wear them again. He gave me permission to chop them up and make them into jogging pants for Logan (who will wear them).

This oughta keep the kids in winter clothes for awhile! Good thing - because I'm kind of burned out on sewing. I need a break so I started a jigsaw puzzle on my sewing desk as a bit of a breather.


Next up: Handmade Holidays anyone? I guess I should do something about that....

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