Friday, 26 November 2010

Tawny Bee Turns 2!

Tawny Bee turns 2 on Saturday!

And what's this I hear about Americans wanting deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this weekend?

And Etsy has created coupon codes!

I guess all the signs are telling me that I need to have a sale!

I've already marked down and few of my most popular items and some of my faves. You can check out the full marked down list here.

Some of the items are as follows:

And if you're one of my wonderful fans and blog readers, you can receive another 15% off these marked down prices or 15% off any other item in the shop by entering "THEBEETURNS2" at checkout! :D

I want to thank all of you terrific Tawny Bee fans and customers for making these 2 years incredible. It's absolutely amazing to know that my creativity is enjoyed by so many people. I've sent packages all over the world and hope to continue for more and more years to come!

So stop by and check out what's new at Tawny Bee's Black Friday/Anniversary/Cyber Monday sale! (and don't forget coupon code: THEBEETURNS2) Sale ends at midnight on Monday November 29th, so hurry!


Next up: Mittens!

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