Sunday, 14 November 2010

Everything's Coming Up Tawny Bee!

I created the Tawny Bee Etsy shop On November 27th, 2008. Little did I know then that I was pregnant with Lane (I thought I was just sick and motivated at the same time hehehe). Anyway, once I found out that I was indeed pregnant, my plans for the shop changed.

I decided to take it easy and see what happened. This was back before I had a Fanpage or did any blogging about the products I was creating. I hardly even used Twitter to show off my new listings. Everything was simple because I was busy growing a baby and not a business.

At Tawny Bee's first anniversary in November of 2009, I had 6 sales completed. Not bad. I was pleased with that.

So for the next year I projected (or more hoped for) 12 sales - double the first year sounded good. I was still very busy, possibly even busier with a baby and a little boy to care for.

Well I'm happy to announce that I hit my goal last week! I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen with only two weeks to go before the big 2nd anniversary. But as of now, Tawny Bee on Etsy has 18 sales! (6 for the first year and 12 for this year). YAY! GO ME!!!!

This may not seem like earth shattering news, but I think I'm doing just fine. We don't really need the money and I always do more business locally, so Etsy is just icing on the cake. And I love sending orders all over the place. I even sent a package all the way to Australia a couple of weeks ago! :)

Do I dare project another double? Yes, I dare! I'm going for 24 sales in this upcoming year. Oooh - 2 sales a month - eeeep! That should keep me busy enough along with being a mommy, wife, craft show vendor, sewist, friend, Twitter addict, Slurpee enthusiast etc, etc, etc...

If you haven't had a chance to check out Tawny Bee on Etsy, you should! I think for my 2nd anniversary in 2 weeks I'll do a giveaway... or a sale... or both. Stay tuned!


ArtisansintheAndes said...

Congratulations Tawny!

anita said...

Yay, you!!!

Jennie said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal! It's a huge deal for a woman raising kids to create a business and keep it running. Well done you!

Can't believe I'm not following your fan page yet. Shall fix that now.