Monday, 15 November 2010

Crafty Monday: Stocking Tree Ornaments

Logan didn't have school on Thursday of last week, so Friday ended up being a less clingy day. We actually got some crafting done!

A simple pre-schooler craft - Card Stock Ornaments

I cut out a stocking on two pieces of card stock and glued them together for extra thickness. Then Logan put on his cute artist smock and started painting. HIs is the one in front.

We let the stocking dry over the weekend. Logan's was pretty wet since he painted heavily on both sides. Here's the back of his stocking.

Today we punched a hole in the top corner and tied some pretty Christmas ribbon to our stockings. Perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree!

But Crafty Monday didn't end there!

I dragged out our old chalkboard and let Logan create several temporary masterpieces. This kept him busy all morning.

Look at the photo below. This is Logan's attempt at writing his own name! :D

Pretty good for a three year old, no?