Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Christmas Lights Without Frozen Fingers

It was beautiful outside this weekend. And I know that I said this about the weekend we went to the corn maze, but this truly could be the last nice weekend we will have before winter strikes.

So, we actually did something productive! :)

I watched the baby while Terry and his little Logan helper mowed the lawn.

And put up the Christmas lights!

Look at Terry with no coat in November?!

It's early, but we won't actually turn them on until closer to Christmas. It's just good to have them up. Don't want a repeat of last year when Terry had to balance the ladder precariously on top of a snowdrift and redo the lights 3 times with frozen fingers, while I watched two very fussy children inside. It was an ordeal that I'm glad we didn't have to repeat this year.

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