Thursday, 25 November 2010

34 - That's About 31 More Than Anyone Expected

Look at this wonderful family. Who wouldn't stay on this earth for 34 years for this?

Yesterday was my birthday and despite everyone being a little under the weather, we managed to have a pretty decent day.

Logan, Lane and Terry organized an awesome cake for me.

Yes, it says : "Happy Birthday Mommy" on it. And you can see how much it cost as well hehehe. Pretty good deal for my favourite food - icing!

They even put a candle on it. Apparently I'm turning 3. Close enough!

Terry forced... ahem... gently nudged me into the 21st century by purchasing a cell phone for me. We've made the decision to give up our land line. Nobody uses it anymore anyway, so our regular phone number will now be directed to my cell phone.

BlackBerry Curve... pretty fancy. I spent all day today trying to figure it out. New toys! :D

Here's the first picture I took from it. Yeah... the kids look so enthused about posing for this snapshot don't they?

I promise that my photography skills will improve soon!

I hope year 34 is as awesome as year 33, or year 32, or year 31, or year 30. Damn my 30s are rocking!


Next up: What's this I hear about Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Tawny Bee turning 2?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!
I love my Blackberry.

Mandy said...

I remember when we first met way back when in 1st grade. I remember you bringing some x-rays of your heart for show and tell. I was fascinated by you and your story. Congratulations on out living the doctor's predictions!!!!

anita said...

Looks like it was a very happy day. Glad you enjoyed birthday #34, and here's to many, many more :)

Jennie said...

Happy birthday!