Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

I drove you home from Alberta in a snow storm and yet I felt safe with your cozy seats and airbags. I knew that you were a special gift from my grandfather and that you would always be loved and cherished.

We took you camping and filled you to the brim with stuff and you didn't complain.

We drove you through the night into Saskatchewan to see a concert and picked up all manner of prairie bugs along the way. It took months to scrape the carcasses off of you.

Every time we wanted to move, we put our favourite electronics in your back seat and transferred them to our new home.

When I didn't know what my future held for me, your Manitoba license plates always reminded me where home really was.

Even though I could barely touch the pedals, I still tipped your steering wheel up over my pregnant belly and you drove me where I needed to go.

You carefully chauffeured our most precious cargo home from the hospital... twice...

Your engine lulled our children to sleep on countless occasions and gave us some much needed peace and quiet.

You were safe and reliable and a wonderful part of our family.

And even though you were getting old and we were frustrated with your doors not working properly and the enormous amount of money you were starting to cost us, we still tried to keep you around as long as possible.

Saying good bye to you today was like saying good bye to my grandfather all over again.


Team LT now has a new car.

Sorry for the terrible photos. It was dark when we got home and all I had with me was my phone.

May our "new to us" Ford Focus Wagon be as treasured and wonderful as our Grand Prix. *fingers crossed*

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Winter Catch Up

It's not like winter caught us unawares or anything. It was just that I was so busy getting everything ready for those craft shows, that I couldn't even think about sewing anything else.

I've been playing a bit of catch up.

When I was young, my mom would have a box of mittens at the front door. When we were outside playing, we could run inside and switch mitts whenever we soaked ours through. I realized this was a good idea this week when Logan went out to play. So much winter fun to be had, but the fingers need to stay warm!

So I traced his hand and started making mitts. I used the long thin piece of Sponge Bob fleece that I got in a pack of various Sponge Bob fabric. I made him some mittens and a scarf out of it.

Then we found out that Lane will not stand for having her mitts snapped onto her coat. She can't move her fingers around enough when playing outside. Logan didn't have any trouble with this when he was younger because he was content to sit in the sled and observe the winter activities. Laney is more hands on. So mitts that are easy to move around are a bonus! I made her a couple of pairs.

Logan decided that his baby sister needed Sponge Bob mitts and a scarf too, so I used what was left and eeked them out.

Lastly, I finally convinced Terry that close to 8 years of not wearing jogging pants means that he probably won't ever wear them again. He gave me permission to chop them up and make them into jogging pants for Logan (who will wear them).

This oughta keep the kids in winter clothes for awhile! Good thing - because I'm kind of burned out on sewing. I need a break so I started a jigsaw puzzle on my sewing desk as a bit of a breather.


Next up: Handmade Holidays anyone? I guess I should do something about that....

Friday, 26 November 2010

Tawny Bee Turns 2!

Tawny Bee turns 2 on Saturday!

And what's this I hear about Americans wanting deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this weekend?

And Etsy has created coupon codes!

I guess all the signs are telling me that I need to have a sale!

I've already marked down and few of my most popular items and some of my faves. You can check out the full marked down list here.

Some of the items are as follows:

And if you're one of my wonderful fans and blog readers, you can receive another 15% off these marked down prices or 15% off any other item in the shop by entering "THEBEETURNS2" at checkout! :D

I want to thank all of you terrific Tawny Bee fans and customers for making these 2 years incredible. It's absolutely amazing to know that my creativity is enjoyed by so many people. I've sent packages all over the world and hope to continue for more and more years to come!

So stop by and check out what's new at Tawny Bee's Black Friday/Anniversary/Cyber Monday sale! (and don't forget coupon code: THEBEETURNS2) Sale ends at midnight on Monday November 29th, so hurry!


Next up: Mittens!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

34 - That's About 31 More Than Anyone Expected

Look at this wonderful family. Who wouldn't stay on this earth for 34 years for this?

Yesterday was my birthday and despite everyone being a little under the weather, we managed to have a pretty decent day.

Logan, Lane and Terry organized an awesome cake for me.

Yes, it says : "Happy Birthday Mommy" on it. And you can see how much it cost as well hehehe. Pretty good deal for my favourite food - icing!

They even put a candle on it. Apparently I'm turning 3. Close enough!

Terry forced... ahem... gently nudged me into the 21st century by purchasing a cell phone for me. We've made the decision to give up our land line. Nobody uses it anymore anyway, so our regular phone number will now be directed to my cell phone.

BlackBerry Curve... pretty fancy. I spent all day today trying to figure it out. New toys! :D

Here's the first picture I took from it. Yeah... the kids look so enthused about posing for this snapshot don't they?

I promise that my photography skills will improve soon!

I hope year 34 is as awesome as year 33, or year 32, or year 31, or year 30. Damn my 30s are rocking!


Next up: What's this I hear about Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Tawny Bee turning 2?

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Sunday Was Creative and Collective

Sunday ended up being a much better day. After dropping $1000 on the car, we had it back by Saturday evening, so a ride to the Creative Collection show was all set.

We woke up to more snow, but that didn't stop Terry and Logan. No way! They love shoveling snow. Aren't they cute?

We ended up at the Crescentwood Community Centre and in plenty of time to set up for the craft show. I even got creative and tried a bit of a new look for my table. I used a blue table cloth instead of the cream coloured one I used last time. It looked great in the fluorescent light.

I was so happy to meet tons of lovely ladies from the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team (WEST) there. It's nice to finally put faces to the names I see online all the time :D It is awesome to be a part of such a creative community!

Here is a link to the blog post I put up on the WEST blog featuring some of those lovely ladies. Check it out!

The show was great! I made a fistful of cash and had a wonderful time. The biggest surprise of the day was when a nice young woman came up to my table and inquired about a product that she'd seen on the Etsy "shop local" feature. I didn't have any feminine products displayed on the table since I was focusing solely on Child Accessories and Clothing, but she'd remembered my Bee and thought she'd inquire anyway. It never hurts to ask. I happened to have samples and she bought all of my cloth pantyliners. Awesome! I love helping an earth conscious individual find a greener alternative.

I made more for the online store, so no worries :)

Pastel Cloth Pad and Pantyliner Starter Pack

Next up: My birthday is tomorrow! (November 24th)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Tawny and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

I had this book when I was a child and now every time I have a rotten day, I think of this title and it makes me smile.

This is how my Friday went:
- Logan woke up at 7:00 am in a foul mood because... well... he woke up at 7:00 am and he needed more sleep.
- Lane woke up in a mood to climb

and climb

and then climb some more.

- my back started to ache after pulling Lane off the coffee table, the couch, and everything else. She even climbed up under my sewing table! Not fun trying to fish her out of there.

- there was a snowstorm the evening before and our driveway received a huge snowdrift overnight. I couldn't get up the energy to remove this snowdrift, so our regular trip to the library was canceled.

- The day dragged on while we were all stuck in the house.

- Terry stayed after work to say goodbye to a co-worker who was transferring to BC, so I was on my own for getting dinner for the kids.

- Wanting something simple, I decided to make Mac N Cheese. I can't actually eat this stuff (it makes me barf immediately), but I was so nervous about the 2 craft shows I was going to be at on the weekend, that I couldn't eat anyway.

- Around 5:00 I realized that Terry wasn't going to be home (on the bus) in time to shovel all the snow and pack my stock in the trunk and drive us all to St. Norbert to set up for the next day's craft show.

- Foolhardily, I decide to shovel the snow in the dark with Logan

- Pacemaker girl does NOT like shoveling snow!

- I scraped the car off, packed up my stock and the kids, and went to pick Terry up downtown

- About a block from home, I realized that I hadn't closed Lane's door and she was having a great time watching the door fly open while we were driving. Good Heavens!

- I stopped the car, closed the door, shaking because of all the terrible thoughts running through my brain about what could have happened to the car and mostly, to the kids.

- Stuck in traffic forever, I finally slide the car all the way downtown and pick Terry up. Since I can't really see in the dark, Terry drove.

- 6:20: it's definitely too late to make it to St. Norbert, set up and get back before the kids' bedtime. Oh well, I was too tired and frustrated by that point to do anything. Time to go home.

- 7:00: We are pulling into the driveway when the car completely cuts out on us! It takes 3 people to push the car up the driveway. Of course, the nice neighbour who stopped to help was a tiny women with slippery boots on. So, pacemaker girl gets out of the car and lets her steer while I use my considerable shoulder muscles to push the damn car up the driveway. Gah! My mother always told me that our shoulders were built to pull a truck out of the ditch. I guess she was right!

- did I mention that as Terry was about to get out of the car to push, the doors decided to get up to their old tricks and lock both of us in? Terry had to climb over Logan in the back and go out his door. All the while there was a snowplow on our street trying to plow the snow right in front of our house while we're trying to get out and move the car out of the street. Jeebus!

- when we get inside, Terry calls his mom who is visiting to ask if she can pick me up and drive me and my stock to the craft show the next day. She agrees.

After that terrible, horrible, no good very bad day, I went to bed. But then realized that I hadn't eaten anything since 11 that morning, so I ate some soup at 10:00 pm.

The next morning had to be better don't you think?


- 7:30 on Saturday morning a two truck comes to pick up the car.

- 8:00 my ride arrives. Terry packs my stock in the trunk of her rental car.

- 8:10 I go to get into the car. Locked. In fact... all the car doors are locked! With the keys and my stock inside!

I just shook my head and went inside to cancel at the last minute and throw up in the bathroom. :(

An hour and a half later, after phoning the rental company who transferred us to somewhere in the States, we finally get the keys and the stock out of the car.

At least the organizer of this craft sale was awesome and found a last minute replacement to vend at my table. That made me feel a little better.

And yes, it took me this long to recover and feel ready to write about this terrible, horrible, no good very bad day. It was that traumatizing.

Next up: My fate improves and I have a great time at the Sunday craft sale!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Where Tawny Bee Will Be(e) This Weekend

For the last two craft shows of the season, I'm working hard and getting them done this weekend. Gotta get everything done so that I can relax for my birthday and then start in on Handmade Holidays 2010.

On Saturday I'll be at the St. Norbert Community Centre for their Christmas Craft and Bake Sale.

Address: St. Norbert Community Centre (3450 Pembina Hwy)
Date: Saturday November 20th, 2010
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

There is a $2 entrance fee (kids 12 and under free) and a silent auction (one of the donations is mine of course!) Part of the proceeds are going to an orphanage in India for Christmas.

Unfortunately, I don't see a Facebook Event and I haven't been given any promotion posters - so we'll see how this one goes. I'm not going to complain though! Because I'll just advertise myself and invite my fans and have a great time!

And on Sunday I'll be at the Crescentwood Community Centre for the Creative Collection Show. All the details are in the poster above and there is a Facebook Event page as well. Click on over there and let us know that you're attending!

Some highlights that you'll be seeing from me at both of these shows:

New Friendship Bracelets - all one of a kind

New Patchwork Baby Bibs

New Upcycled Earmuffs

These items will be on sale along with plenty of other stocking stuffers and Christmas gift ideas at Tawny Bee on Etsy until the weekend. After that I'll be taking my stock to these two shows. We'll see what comes back. I'm hoping for nothing! So get your favourites now!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

How To: Holiday Hair Wrap

I'm trying to get into the holiday spirit this year, but it still seems a bit early. I did a festive hair wrap this morning though, so it's a slow, but steady start!

Want to learn how to make one for yourself?

Skill Level: it's frustrating and tedious, but almost anyone can figure it out

Time Needed: Depending on how long the hair is that you're working with. For mine, it took 1.5 hours.

Supplies needed:
- embroidery floss in at least 3 colours
- beads (optional)
- a full head of hair (so no baldies hehehe)

Step One:
Choose the colours that you would like for your hair wrap. I chose red, green and white to make it festive. You can choose up to 6 colours if you like.
Cut very long strands of these colours out of your embroidery floss. Don't split the floss, use all six strands for the wrap. To give you an idea about how much floss you will need, I hung mine on a door with both ends of each colour hitting the floor. But don't worry if you miscalculate - you can either add more with a knot or cut off the excess at the end.

Step Two:
Decide where on your head you would like the wrap to be placed. Section off a strand of hair to wrap the floss around. Warning: Don't choose a place on your head that you want to part or that you brush over a lot. These hair wraps can last for months with good care, so choose wisely!

Step Three:
With each strand of floss folded in half, tie a knot in all the strands around the top of the sectioned piece of hair.

Step Four:
For a solid design, choose a colour and find both strands of it. It chose green first. Place the unused strands of floss in line with the sectioned hair. Begin wrapping the green strands around your hair. Around and around and around. The beginning is frustrating if you're doing it on your own hair because you have to see it in a mirror. But keep trying.

Step Five:
For a striped design, choose one strand of each colour you want in the stripe. I chose red and white for a candy cane kinda look. Place the unused strands in line with your sectioned hair again. Begin wrapping around and around again.

Step Six:
For a solid background with an X design - first choose two strands of floss that you want for the X. I chose green and white. Then choose the background solid. I chose red. Leaving the white and green X strands at the top of the section, start wrapping the red strands as if you were doing a solid piece.

You see how I left the white and green strands singled out at the top of this piece? Now we can take those and wrap them in an X design around the background.

It hard to see in this photo, but you'll see later on how the X works.

Step Seven:
Repeat all the designs over and over again until you have a finished piece. You can continue to wrap the unused strands past where your real hair ends if you like your hair wrap to be longer. If you run out of floss, just cut more, knot it onto the wrap and continue.

Step Eight:
If you want to add some pretty beads, then just thread a bead onto a strand of floss and keep wrapping! I recommend using plastic beads that are shower safe. Glass ones might break with a lot of wear.

Step Nine:
Once you reach the end, string a few plastic beads onto the bottom if you like, then tie all the strands in a tight knot and cut off the excess.


Look how festive you are!

Note: I apologize for the crappiness of the photos. I was running back and forth from the bathroom mirror to my webcam and ended up using a combination of my regular camera and my webcam. Not the greatest photos in the world, but if you have any questions, just pop them in the comments or email me (link to my email in my profile).

If you do make yourself, or your friends, daughter etc a hair wrap, I'd love to see them. Please send me a photo or link one up in the Tawny Bee Flickr Group!


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Monday, 15 November 2010

Crafty Monday: Stocking Tree Ornaments

Logan didn't have school on Thursday of last week, so Friday ended up being a less clingy day. We actually got some crafting done!

A simple pre-schooler craft - Card Stock Ornaments

I cut out a stocking on two pieces of card stock and glued them together for extra thickness. Then Logan put on his cute artist smock and started painting. HIs is the one in front.

We let the stocking dry over the weekend. Logan's was pretty wet since he painted heavily on both sides. Here's the back of his stocking.

Today we punched a hole in the top corner and tied some pretty Christmas ribbon to our stockings. Perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree!

But Crafty Monday didn't end there!

I dragged out our old chalkboard and let Logan create several temporary masterpieces. This kept him busy all morning.

Look at the photo below. This is Logan's attempt at writing his own name! :D

Pretty good for a three year old, no?

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Everything's Coming Up Tawny Bee!

I created the Tawny Bee Etsy shop On November 27th, 2008. Little did I know then that I was pregnant with Lane (I thought I was just sick and motivated at the same time hehehe). Anyway, once I found out that I was indeed pregnant, my plans for the shop changed.

I decided to take it easy and see what happened. This was back before I had a Fanpage or did any blogging about the products I was creating. I hardly even used Twitter to show off my new listings. Everything was simple because I was busy growing a baby and not a business.

At Tawny Bee's first anniversary in November of 2009, I had 6 sales completed. Not bad. I was pleased with that.

So for the next year I projected (or more hoped for) 12 sales - double the first year sounded good. I was still very busy, possibly even busier with a baby and a little boy to care for.

Well I'm happy to announce that I hit my goal last week! I was starting to think it wasn't going to happen with only two weeks to go before the big 2nd anniversary. But as of now, Tawny Bee on Etsy has 18 sales! (6 for the first year and 12 for this year). YAY! GO ME!!!!

This may not seem like earth shattering news, but I think I'm doing just fine. We don't really need the money and I always do more business locally, so Etsy is just icing on the cake. And I love sending orders all over the place. I even sent a package all the way to Australia a couple of weeks ago! :)

Do I dare project another double? Yes, I dare! I'm going for 24 sales in this upcoming year. Oooh - 2 sales a month - eeeep! That should keep me busy enough along with being a mommy, wife, craft show vendor, sewist, friend, Twitter addict, Slurpee enthusiast etc, etc, etc...

If you haven't had a chance to check out Tawny Bee on Etsy, you should! I think for my 2nd anniversary in 2 weeks I'll do a giveaway... or a sale... or both. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Christmas Lights Without Frozen Fingers

It was beautiful outside this weekend. And I know that I said this about the weekend we went to the corn maze, but this truly could be the last nice weekend we will have before winter strikes.

So, we actually did something productive! :)

I watched the baby while Terry and his little Logan helper mowed the lawn.

And put up the Christmas lights!

Look at Terry with no coat in November?!

It's early, but we won't actually turn them on until closer to Christmas. It's just good to have them up. Don't want a repeat of last year when Terry had to balance the ladder precariously on top of a snowdrift and redo the lights 3 times with frozen fingers, while I watched two very fussy children inside. It was an ordeal that I'm glad we didn't have to repeat this year.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Mommy's Girl

OK ... Terry pointed out that the answer to yesterday's question (where does Lane get her curls?) is:


Both photos taken in February 1978
I was 15 months - same age as Lane is now

Monday, 8 November 2010

Curly Girl

Where on earth did she get those curls?