Monday, 11 October 2010

The Puzzler

Our little Logan doesn't realize it, but he's been learning new things at school. As much as he hates going, he ends up having a good time and picking up a few things along the way.

For example: the other day when he wanted to put a book in the cupboard and Lane was in the way he very politely said, "Excuse me Lane," instead of pushing her out of the way. He said that he learned that at school when he was trying to put the truck he was playing with away and there were two boys were blocking the shelf. Nice!

He's also learning things that aren't as easily seen. Things like patience. This week he actually sat down and worked on the little puzzle that came in his Wendy's kids meal.

Ta da! He spent a good amount of time thinking about the pieces and working them together.

I remembered that last Christmas his cousins from Vancouver gave him a pirate puzzle. He never had the attention span to try it out. He would always get frustrated and give up. So I had put it on the shelf until he was ready for it. Well, I pulled it down this week and Logan went to town!

He worked on that puzzle very diligently. I was so proud of him! Terry noticed that he has a photographic memory like me, so finding the correct pieces was a breeze for him. :)

And the sense of accomplishment he feels when he completes the puzzle is inspiring. He's so happy! The little Wendy's puzzle started to get too easy after Logan had put it together about 5 times, so we tried to confuse him by making him put it together on top of the pirate one. But it was no problem for this little smarty.

So we decided to go out and get him some new puzzles. We don't want this new-found quiet activity to go away!

Now he has Thomas the Train to put together as well as a Cars puzzle (with 48 pieces!) That should keep the puzzler busy for awhile.

P.S: for anyone who knows me, this new found love for puzzles in Logan is no surprise. Does anyone remember all of those puzzles I used to put together in the playroom at the hospital when I was Logan's age? I sure do!

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

what a little smarty! yay Logan!
what a huge step in his cognitive develpment!!!