Thursday, 28 October 2010

Logan's Pre-School Halloween Party

Logan came home with an invitation last week for his Pre-School Halloween Party. It said that parents were allowed, but no siblings. Since Lane would be a huge distraction, I could see why they added that part.

Terry took the morning off of work to watch Lane and Logan was very excited to bring mommy to the Halloween party.

There were stories and playtime, games and snacks. Fun fun!

The kids were able to stand up and tell their friends what costume they were wearing. All of them were sooooo cute! Skeletons, and princesses, and ninga turtles oh my!

Logan was so happy to wear his Squidward costume (although mommy carried the hat for most of the morning - it's sweltering under that thing!)

He played the games and listened to the stories. He sang a few songs, but all morning he was waiting for one thing in particular ...

Can you guess what it was?

... Halloween treats of course!

Look at all this sugar. I thought he'd be hopping all day after this feast - but no - he's napping as I write this. Awwwww....

Stay tuned for Laney as Plankton and Logan as Squidward together in the ultimate cute photo! :D

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