Monday, 18 October 2010

It's Genetic

Let me preface this video with a little story for those not familiar with our university days:

One evening in first year university, Terry went out drinking with his buddies. I was away from my dorm room that night. At around midnight or 1 a.m. he decided to wake me up and get me to come out with them. I wasn't there, but that didn't stop Terry from trying to get my attention. He knocked and yelled and "humped" my door with his behind for a good 20 minutes. Yeah... the things you do when you're drunk.

Anyway, the next day I had to go down to the office and request that a caretaker fix my door which was totally broken.
To this day I always say that was the night that I knew Terry really liked me. It was a year before we actually started dating. Persistent bugger isn't he?

Now back to this video - we noticed the other day that Lane really likes to back herself up against the doors in our house and ... well.... hump them with her behind.

It's genetic.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a little door humping to catch a girls eye ;)

LaRee said...

Genetics is right! lol, my aunt had a terrible habit of saying particular swear words. When she found out she was indeed going to be a mom she dropped them all. To this day she can't fathom where her son would have heard those words, because he says them all the time. His father and mother have an entirely new range of swearwords but he still pops those out every now and then. They both promise they haven't even said those while he was in the womb :)