Friday, 15 October 2010

In Another Life...

In another life I would have definitely become a milliner. I love hat making!

I wish people still appreciated the craft of good hat making. Or maybe they do in another place, but I don't see many hat shops popping up around Winnipeg.

I wish I could take lessons on hat making. It's fascinating to me. I love designing and creating them. You may remember the crazy hopheads from a month back and the summer bonnets from this past summer.

I've also made some upcycled winter hats. And I'm currently working on Plankton (for Lane) and Squidward (for Logan) head gear for Halloween.

I would love to apprentice with a hat maker one day. *sigh* In another life...

Anyway, my hatstands arrived today! The one on the right I got awhile ago, but the two blue ones are my new additions! So pretty. I ordered them from Vintage Starr Beads on Etsy. They are going to be so lovely at my upcoming fall/Christmas season craft shows.

Check 'em out. Don't worry, I will post about the middle creation in awhile. As you can already guess, it's part of Lane's Plankton costume.


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

Tawny, never say never!
Back a few years, I seem to recall the costume museum doing some things with hat making. While they are temporarily closed I know that there are other hat making diva's out there.
Before you know it,, the kids will be bigger and not need you as much!
OK,, I'm lying slightly there, they'll still need your wallet, but the day will come when you will have more time. And when that time comes, if you want to make hats, you will find a way.

Jennwith4 said...

I never thought I would ever learn to sew and now look at where I am! :) you'll be able to find a way!

LaRee said...

I love hats too. I am way to self conscious to wear the pretty ones though. My sister has lovely 'gardening' hats. Who knows, maybe we can bring that fashion back!