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How To: Tawny Bee Kids Moccasins

I know there are about a million tutorials on how to make cute little soft shoes for your kids, but I still wanted to add my own. They are a great Christmas gift after all!

So check out how to make Tawny Bee Moccasins in several kid sizes from 6 months to size 11 (with free downloadable patterns).

Time Needed: About an hour

Skill Level: some machine sewing, lining (easy to moderate)

Supplies Needed:
- downloadable pattern in the appropriate size (links are listed further on in this How To)
- 0.25 meter of faux fur or fleece for lining
- 0.25 meter of fabric for outside and sole
- 0.25 meter of vinyl (if desired for sole)
- coordinating thread
- felt for applique (if desired)
- 2 decorative buttons (if desired)

Step 1:
- Download and print appropriate sized pattern
Size 6 months
Size 1 year
Kids Size 4-5
Kids Size 6-7
Kids Size 8-9
Kids Size 10-11

**** Note: I'm not a professional pattern maker, so forgive me if the sizing is a little bit off for your kids. They are based on average sizes from pediatric charts.

- cut the pattern pieces out
- Fleece or faux fur works nice for a comfy lining
- quilters cotton, flannelette, or knits all work for the outside fabric. I've even used upcycled materials to make these
- for the soles I like to use vinyl for a non-slip grip, but you can use regular fabric or another form of anti-slip grip material as well
- Cut 2 top pieces from Fabric and 2 top pieces from lining material
- Cut 2 soles from lining material and 2 soles from either outside fabric or vinyl
- Cut 2 heels from lining material and 2 heels from outside fabric

If you're wanting to applique a design on the from of the moccasin, this would be the time to do that. I recommend using the applique method as opposed to placing buttons on the moccasins if you're making them for small children. Sew the applique down well and there will be no choking hazard.

Below is an example of a pair of moccasins I made with an applique.

Step 2:
- place the top pieces (outside and lining) right sides together and sew them together at about 1/4 inch seam along the straight edge. Do this for both moccasins.

Step 3:
- Turn the pieces so that they are wrong sides together and top stitch along the straight edge where you just sewed. Do this for both tops.

Step 4:
- pin heel pieces (outside and lining) right sides together. Sew in a 1/4 seam along birth sides and rounded top. Do this for both heels.

Step 5:
- Turn heels right side out and top stitch along short sides and rounded top. Do this for both heels.

Step 6:
- place lining and sole wrong sides together. Baste around the edge to hold in place. Do this for both soles.

Step 7:
- very carefully pin the top piece to the sole piece right sides together (or bottom of sole to right side of top piece). Do this for both moccasins. It's kind of a hit and miss situation. I just eyeball it to make sure the top piece is centered over top of the sole.

Step 8:
- you can either sew the tops in place first, or continue pinning. Whatever makes you most comfortable. Pin heel in place right sides together. The heels should overlap the tops a little bit on each side. Do this for each moccasin. Again, I eyeball it to make sure it's centered.

Step 9:
- sew around the entire moccasin. If you need to use a half inch seam here, that's just fine. I tend to want a larger seam here in order to make sure I'm sewing through all the layers. This can be especially difficult if using fake fur as your lining. Go slowly and it will all come together. Or sew the tops on first and then pin and sew the heels on afterward.

Step 10:
- hand sew a decorative button on the top of your moccasins. Also hand sew the heel to the top of the moccasin where the joint touches. This will help keep them together better.

Ta Da! My little boy really likes these ones and I happened to make them in his size (9-10). So he's now claimed them as his own. But if anyone really wants this pair, I have enough fabric and two more awesome dump truck buttons to make another one. Just send me a message (link in my profile) and I'll be happy to whip some up for you.

Now go try them out for yourself. As always these patterns are for your use to make for your kids, as gifts, to sell... whatever you like - I'm not picky. If you do try them though, I would love to see the results. You're welcome to link to a blog post where you've shown your version in the comments below, or share at the Tawny Bee Flickr Group, or email me with a picture. I may even feature a few reader versions on an upcoming post! :)

If you don't sew, but still love these Tawny Bee Moccasins, I do have a few pairs available to you in my Etsy shop:

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