Sunday, 10 October 2010

Happy TerTee Day!

My heart just melted when Logan brought this little turkey (or "TerTee" as Lane would say) home from school. Isn't it the best? He was so happy that he was allowed to do arts and crafts at school and not just at home with mommy. Teacher Sylvia lets him use scissors too, which mommy hasn't let him try out yet. And googly eyes are always a win for little kids (and some adults like myself as well!)

Happy Thanksgiving with love from Team LT! :D

Or as Lane would say, "Happy TerTee Day." (She loves her some turkey).

Despite the funny faces on all three of these people - I'm thankful for each of them!

We're thankful for Galactus Destroyer of Daddies.

And we're thankful for this sweet awesome little boy too!

We're thankful for each other, and all our family members who are scattered everywhere. We're thankful for our wonderful home and our health.

And of course, we're thankful to all the family and friends (virtual ones as well!) who read this blog. I wish I could have saved you all a slice of our pumpkin spice cheesecake, but Terry already called dibs on it - ooops!

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anita said...

That is one cute little TerTee. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you too!