Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Hoot Craft Sale Round Up

Well I'm back from the Halloween Hoot Craft Sale at the St. James Legion. Thanks to all my stressing and anxiety I neither passed out nor forgot anything important.

The sale itself was a little slow on traffic. But I made the money for my table rental back, plus enough to cover my silent auction donation and have a little spending money to boot. I also won one of the silent auction items - bonus!

I count the sale as a success. I really like the new layout I've been toying with for the table. There is now a lot less clutter. I found with the last craft sale I was at, I had too many things all over the place and people didn't know where to look. By putting a lot of the things in clearly marked baskets and having some nice hatstands at the end of the table, it was much easier to see everything. And the baskets drew people in because they wanted to get a look at the treasures inside (I only put a few goodies out on top of the baskets for a tantalizer). It totally worked! Lots of traffic perusing the coasters, treasure/coin purses and bookmarks.

Of course the video game coasters were the most popular items again. I need to make a pile more of those for the double show weekend I have in November!

The proceeds from this Halloween craft show went to Diabetes research, so I count that as a win whether I made any money or not! :)

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