Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Diabolical: Baby Plankton Halloween Costume

Lane is the most diabolical member of our family. Or as Logan says, "She's small and she doesn't wear pants." Therefore, it was designated that she would be Plankton. On SpongeBob Squarepants, Plankton is diabolical, small and wears no pants. A perfect fit!

What do you guys think? Pretty cute eh?

I don't want to show you Lane in this costume just yet. I'm saving that for my Halloween post of course!

But I've been asked several times about the process of making this costume (especially the hat) - so I'll give you a basic run down with lots of pictures (if Blogger ever lets me upload the pics that is). This costume is so specific and I made it for my one year old, so I didn't bother to create a pattern. Instead I just winged it and it turned out great!

I basically cut out some crown pieces like I was going to make a regular hat for the lining. I used felt. Then for the outside I made the crown pieces extra tall.

I sewed them together like a regular hat. Make sure to leave one side open for stuffing.

Then I made some straps to keep the hat in place. I made sure there were earholes so that the baby could hear while she was wearing the costume. I put Velcro on the straps to hold in place under her chin.

Sew the straps into the hat with the lining and outside pieces.

Stuff the hat a little to keep it's shape. Not too much because I didn't want the hat to be heavy to wear.

Next I made the eye and eyebrow. I just used a picture of Plankton to figure out how I wanted to make this applique. I glued it in place.

I also used green pipe cleaner to make the antennae. I cut two small holes in the top of the hat and put the antennae in there and glued it really well.

Viola! Done!

For the actual clothes part of the costume, I made a sweatshirt using a regular pattern and created an applique of Plankton from the same picture I've been using for reference this whole time.

I wasn't going to add the applique at all, but I know my little girl and there is no way I'll be able to keep that hat on her for long. So at least she has a Plankton on her shirt to signify what she is for Halloween.

The pants were actually old jogging pants that I had made for Logan that now fit Lane. Yeah... I'm lazy and I don't wanna make new pants. The colour is a little bit off, but that doesn't really matter. Lane will probably have to wear a huge winter coat overtop of her costume anyway. It is Canada after all.

Check it out again. Makes it looks like I actually know what I'm doing. Sometimes I pull one outta my ass hehehe

I'm almost done Squidward for Logan. I'll post the process on that one soon. Eeeeps! Let me tell ya - Squidward is A LOT of work. I'm talking - A LOT!!! You've got to be dedicated to attempt it, but it's super awesome if you do. :)


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Jennwith4 said...

Awesome job!!

Dee said...

oh thank you for the chuckle and smile! I knew exactly who it is and this is an awesome reproduction of the character!

way, way cool!

Dee said...

okay, I think I lost my comment!

but this one made me smile and laugh! thank you for that this morning! I just love how much this looks like the character!

great job!

Sara said...

Oh my kids would be so jealous if they saw this!!! You did such a great job, it looks perfect! I'm going to bookmark your tutorial in case I free up a little in my backlog of projects in my head. :-) Thanks!!

Miri said...

Adorable! I used to make all the kids costumes from clothes we had in the house but I usually had to make hats!

You're so right about the hat probably coming year, DS was cookie monster and when he looked in the mirror and saw the hat with the googly eyes-off it came-it scared him so he just walked around in his blue fluffy sleeper pjs.

Kristen said...

I have never seen this character, but oh so super cute!

Karen said...

That's a great costume. I admire anyone who tackles costume making.

Lisa said...

Oh, this is too cute! I love homemade costumes. I bet you won't see any other Planktons!