Saturday, 2 October 2010

Daddy's New Office

Yesterday we packed all of the comforters in the car and drove downtown to drop them off at Siloam Mission. More about that in an upcoming post. But since we were downtown (which is a rarity) Terry wanted to show off his new office to me and the kids.

We had been to the blue building several times. Remember when Logan was "working" at daddy's desk? But now Terry has moved to a completely different building. One decidedly more difficult to get to! Oh well, we figured it out and got there just in the nick of time to show Logan the office bathroom hehehe

Logan got right to work.

Lane was much more interested in the big TV in the board room. Daddy made her appear on it like magic!

Logan posed with FrankenDaddy for awhile. This got Lane curious, so she came over to investigate....

"Are you sure this is my daddy?" Lane seems to be saying to her brother.

"Well, I guess I'll pose for one picture before demanding to be carried around by the real daddy."

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