Monday, 25 October 2010

Corn Maze Fun

Yesterday we went to the corn maze. I probably shouldn't have gone since I was busy incubating a whopper of a cold. But it looked like the last nice warm day of the season and we didn't want to miss out on corn maze fun!

Logan had a great time leading us around in circles in the maze. I will warn all of you parents out there - never let your toddler choose the way. You'll go around in circles for about a half an hour and then he'll have to pee. hahaha. We went to the nasty outhouse 4 times during the couple of hours we were there! Yuck!

We also went on a hay ride. I almost fell off the back of the wagon while we were galloping around a corner. Fortunately, I had enough sense to keep Logan up on the wagon clinging to his dad. This little incident put Logan's anxiety through the roof for awhile, but he handled it pretty well. He was very quiet after the ride and worked through it on his own. He told me this morning that he really liked going to the corn maze and going on a hay ride. :)

Awww... can anybody say Christmas Card? This is an adorable picture. We also went to investigate all the pumpkins in the barn. Logan was especially interested in the tiny pumpkins. Just Lane's size!

This was Logan's very favourite part of our time at the corn maze. The huge pile of hay bales. So much fun to climb! He took both daddy and mommy up to the top and loved to go exploring all over that pile. We actually had to come back and do some more exploring before we left. Logan didn't want to leave until he had one more hay bale adventure.

Lane's favourite part was the petting zoo. Terry thought her reaction to the horses was funny. She was unsure (what? Laney exercising caution? Who knew?), but she didn't want daddy to take her too far away from them. She was mesmerized. She also loved the goat and the sheep.

We had a great time!

Today I'm taking it easy. My head feels like it will explode with every cough and my lungs are feeling tight and phlegm-ey. Bleh. Stay tuned for a post on the finished Squidward costume just as soon as I whip up the final piece in the next few days. I've got until Wednesday evening to finish because Logan has a Halloween party at school on Thursday morning. *pressure*

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