Monday, 4 October 2010

Boring Sewing: Ironing Board Cover

Pretty isn't it?

My ironing board cover did always look this good. In fact, yesterday it looked like this...

A little burned with a whole lotta glue and grime all over it. And it wasn't a very pretty colour either!

I decided that I needed a new one. So I went to the Sew4Home blog and found a wonderful pattern. It called for a stripe down the centre of the cover. I opted not to do that for a couple of reasons. Mainly, I just don't buy fabric in 1.75 metre amounts. Finding 2 pieces of this amount in my fabric stash was impossible. Second, I wasn't too sure that I could sew the seams well enough to flatten out and not make seam marks on everything I ironed.

I was just going to get rid of some ugly fabric that I inherited to make this board cover. But the Sew4Home girls had a point - I spend a lot of time in front of this ironing board. Hours a week! Why would I want to look at something ugly for that long? So I chose some of my favourite fabric. I love it so much. It really brightens the room!

Slowly but surely I'm starting to make this studio into a place that I love to spend time. Not that I don't love to spend time there now, but it's in desperate need of some rope rugs and other homey touches :)

What kinds of projects do you find boring to sew? Do you put them off or try to get them done as soon as possible in order to move onto more fun things?


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bleuvanille said...

well, I think boring but high impact is good. It looks awesome, great choice for Fall!