Sunday, 3 October 2010

Autumn Centrepiece

Here is our pretty Thanksgiving centrepiece:

I know, I know, terrible picture. Who knew that a red room with very little light wouldn't be conducive to photography? Heh. You get the idea though.

This was a two week project. Logan is still stressing out about school, so it's very difficult to get him up off the couch on Fridays (craft day). He would much rather lay around and watch TV and really emphasize that it's his weekend and that he doesn't have to go anywhere.

I coaxed him to come outside with us on one Friday to gather some fall leaves. It was a good thing I did! The next week, all the leaves had been on the ground too long and had turned brown and mushy.

Here is our collection:

We went on a family walk to find some pine cones last Sunday, but it was too windy and we didn't end up going out very far. But the following Monday (still not a school day) Logan and I were at the park and found a huge tree with pine cones under it. So we collected some for our autumn decorations.

This past Friday, I tried to get Logan interested in making an autumn wreath for the door. He usually loves to paint. But the couch claimed him once more and he wasn't moving. "It's my weekend mommy." So maybe I need to switch craft day to Monday? Anyway, I decided to make a simple centrepiece instead.

I just threw our lovely dried and flattened leaves into a basket bought at the Dollar Store. I added a few pine cones and Logan's sprig of pine that he was so proud of collecting. Voila! Simple, yet lovely centrepiece.

Maybe on Monday I'll convince Logan to help me with the autumn wreath?


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Modred Vintage said...

Very pretty centerpiece. I have trouble getting my oldest out of the house as well, but he always enjoy our activity once we are out.