Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from Team LT!

Here is your first look at Lane in her Plankton costume. Awwwww...

We went to Central Canada Comic Con to trick or treat and check out the sights this afternoon. Lane ... er... I mean... Plankton needed a little bit of rest on the way. Evil cannot be rushed hehehe.

I snapped a quick picture before the Squidward hat came off for a trip around Comic Con.

Double adorable!

Terry and Logan posed with two excellent lego guys. Can you guess which one is Terry? Hint: He's wearing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt I made for him. I know, and you thought he was the viking didn't you?

Mommy wore a pink wig and bat headband again. I wore this get up for Logan's pre-school party and for the craft show yesterday as well. Not quite sure who I'm supposed to be, but all the little princesses out there in trick or treatland thought that pink hair was awesome! :D

And don't forget the pumpkin. Logan and daddy carved the pumpkin yesterday while I was away. Logan told Terry exactly how the pumpkin face should go. He's a good designer :)

Logan is now pigging out on his candy. He went all the way around the block and came back with a haul that is going to take months to eat. He's trying to make a serious dent in it tonight though. I wish him luck, but hope he doesn't barf.

Happy Halloween!

I hope your day was as great as ours!

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Hoot Craft Sale Round Up

Well I'm back from the Halloween Hoot Craft Sale at the St. James Legion. Thanks to all my stressing and anxiety I neither passed out nor forgot anything important.

The sale itself was a little slow on traffic. But I made the money for my table rental back, plus enough to cover my silent auction donation and have a little spending money to boot. I also won one of the silent auction items - bonus!

I count the sale as a success. I really like the new layout I've been toying with for the table. There is now a lot less clutter. I found with the last craft sale I was at, I had too many things all over the place and people didn't know where to look. By putting a lot of the things in clearly marked baskets and having some nice hatstands at the end of the table, it was much easier to see everything. And the baskets drew people in because they wanted to get a look at the treasures inside (I only put a few goodies out on top of the baskets for a tantalizer). It totally worked! Lots of traffic perusing the coasters, treasure/coin purses and bookmarks.

Of course the video game coasters were the most popular items again. I need to make a pile more of those for the double show weekend I have in November!

The proceeds from this Halloween craft show went to Diabetes research, so I count that as a win whether I made any money or not! :)

Friday, 29 October 2010

Halloween Hoot Craft Sale

Well, the time has come to start up seasonal craft sales.

The first one I'll be at is the Halloween Hoot for Team Diabetes.


Saturday October 30th, 2010
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
St. James Legion 1755 Portage Avenue
$1 Entrance Fee

There will be pet photos and other fun things there (as well as a Halloween social in the evening). Bring the kids and your 4 legged friends! I'll be selling all sorts of fun stuff for kids including upcycled hats, patchwork bibs, treasure pouches and moccasins.

I'll also have the ever popular video game coasters available :)

I'll be there at the Tawny Bee table just taking is easy and chilling. I still have this dastardly cold and my social anxiety is through the roof. I'm never really mentally or physically well the week before I have to go out and be sociable, so I'm just taking this one step at a time.

So please come by and introduce yourself if we've never met. I'd love to meet you. And if I appear all sweaty and nervous it's because I really am sweaty and nervous. :P

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Logan's Pre-School Halloween Party

Logan came home with an invitation last week for his Pre-School Halloween Party. It said that parents were allowed, but no siblings. Since Lane would be a huge distraction, I could see why they added that part.

Terry took the morning off of work to watch Lane and Logan was very excited to bring mommy to the Halloween party.

There were stories and playtime, games and snacks. Fun fun!

The kids were able to stand up and tell their friends what costume they were wearing. All of them were sooooo cute! Skeletons, and princesses, and ninga turtles oh my!

Logan was so happy to wear his Squidward costume (although mommy carried the hat for most of the morning - it's sweltering under that thing!)

He played the games and listened to the stories. He sang a few songs, but all morning he was waiting for one thing in particular ...

Can you guess what it was?

... Halloween treats of course!

Look at all this sugar. I thought he'd be hopping all day after this feast - but no - he's napping as I write this. Awwwww....

Stay tuned for Laney as Plankton and Logan as Squidward together in the ultimate cute photo! :D

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Someone Put Up With Me For 10 Years!

Happy 10th Anniversary my love!

I know that Terry and I just got married this year, but we've been together for 10 years today. This is our real anniversary.

I love you so much. After 10 years of ups and downs (mostly ups!) we've proved that we will be with each other for years to come :D

Terry - you are my soul mate. Thank you for putting up with me.

***Note: I was going to take Terry down to the U of M campus and make him eat our anniversary dinner with me at Pembina Hall to celebrate where it all began. But then I decided that would be more of a punishment, so we're going to have a normal anniversary dinner with the kids.***

Monday, 25 October 2010

Squidward Costume: Fait Accompli!

A masterpiece isn't it?

Squidward from Sponge Bob Squarepants is by far the most difficult costume I've ever had to make. Logan couldn't choose something easy like Sponge Bob or, even better, Patrick. No, no, he had his heart set on Squidward for about two months now and there was no changing it.

I think I got captured his likeness pretty well.

Once again I'm not going to show you the costume on Logan just yet. You'll have to wait for Halloween for that. Or possibly Thursday since that's when his pre-school Halloween party is. He's very excited to wear his new Squidward costume there :D

I'll give you a run down of what I did to make this costume just in case you wanted to make one for yourself or your kids. I don't recommend Squidward as a last minute costume though. It took me nearly 2 weeks to finish this one!

First I started with a picture of Squidward from one of Logan's books. I measured Logan's head around and formed the bottom of the head out of cardboard. Then I made two bands of blue fleece in the same roundness. I created a bulbous nose and stuffed it lightly. I then sewed the nose into the middle of the two fleece bands.

Next I made a bulbous head out of fleece. This was kind of hit and miss. It was hard to get just the right amount of shape. I sewed it onto the band of fleece to create the main head. I then stuffed the head lightly. I didn't want it to be heavy to wear, so very little stuffing is used.

I didn't glue anything down yet, because I was still getting the basic shape and wanted to make straps to hold the whole thing on.

Next I got some white fabric and made slightly bulgy eyes (stuffed lightly). Then I glued them in place and added the red rectangle eye balls.

Then I cut out the shape of the mouth from cardboard and glued 2 pieces of blue fleece onto the front and back. I cut out the red mouth, white teeth and pink tongue from felt and glued them in place. I know that Squidward rarely smiles, but on a 3 year old, I think he can make an exception! I didn't want him to be sad Squidward.

Then I cut out all the details - the eyelids, the forehead wrinkles and the "hair" dots and glued them in place. These were all made out of felt.

Next I made the straps to hold the hat on Logan's head. I used Velcro to attach it under his chin. I glued the straps in and glued the entire head onto the first piece of cardboard I cut out. I "lined" the hat with fleece for comfort.

Then I made a basic blue fleece sweatshirt in Logan's size. I made the tentacle hands by sewing together two pieces of fleece and gluing the felt hands and suction cup- looking dots onto the fleece. I then attached them to the sweatshirt using Velcro. That way Logan will have a nice sweatshirt to wear after Halloween. Remember to always use the soft part of the Velcro on the sweatshirt so that when the child wears it later it won't be scratchy.

I made a regular pair of fleece pants for Logan and created two long straps for Squidward's extra legs. I made some feet and feet covers the same way I made them for the top (only I stuffed the ones that I sewed onto the straps). I attached the extra legs and the feet covers with Velcro again so that Logan will have a new pair of pants to wear after Halloween. The extra legs just attach to the inside of the waistband.

Squidward can't walk around naked, so I had to sew up a shirt for him as well. He wears a boring brown shirt with a collar. I know that his shirt buttons only at the top and not all the way down, but I got this shirt pattern for $1.99 so it's not authentic, but it's cheap! :P

Logan reminded me that Squidward has a name tag as well. He thinks his mommy can do everything and wanted me to make a metal one. Sheesh! He'll have to live with this felt and marker one instead. I'm tired and sick and Squidward is a difficult costume. It'll do.

And voila! Fait accompli!

The most awesome Squidward costume on the planet.... well at least to my little boy.

Here are a few other "Squidwards" I've found from around the Internets :D


I wouldn't be fair if I didn't share Logan's costume with the fine internet folks like I did for Lane's

Link Party No. 29 - Tea Rose Home
Wardrobe Wednesday - Halloween Edition - Brown Paper Packages
Make It, Wear It - The Train To Crazy
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Corn Maze Fun

Yesterday we went to the corn maze. I probably shouldn't have gone since I was busy incubating a whopper of a cold. But it looked like the last nice warm day of the season and we didn't want to miss out on corn maze fun!

Logan had a great time leading us around in circles in the maze. I will warn all of you parents out there - never let your toddler choose the way. You'll go around in circles for about a half an hour and then he'll have to pee. hahaha. We went to the nasty outhouse 4 times during the couple of hours we were there! Yuck!

We also went on a hay ride. I almost fell off the back of the wagon while we were galloping around a corner. Fortunately, I had enough sense to keep Logan up on the wagon clinging to his dad. This little incident put Logan's anxiety through the roof for awhile, but he handled it pretty well. He was very quiet after the ride and worked through it on his own. He told me this morning that he really liked going to the corn maze and going on a hay ride. :)

Awww... can anybody say Christmas Card? This is an adorable picture. We also went to investigate all the pumpkins in the barn. Logan was especially interested in the tiny pumpkins. Just Lane's size!

This was Logan's very favourite part of our time at the corn maze. The huge pile of hay bales. So much fun to climb! He took both daddy and mommy up to the top and loved to go exploring all over that pile. We actually had to come back and do some more exploring before we left. Logan didn't want to leave until he had one more hay bale adventure.

Lane's favourite part was the petting zoo. Terry thought her reaction to the horses was funny. She was unsure (what? Laney exercising caution? Who knew?), but she didn't want daddy to take her too far away from them. She was mesmerized. She also loved the goat and the sheep.

We had a great time!

Today I'm taking it easy. My head feels like it will explode with every cough and my lungs are feeling tight and phlegm-ey. Bleh. Stay tuned for a post on the finished Squidward costume just as soon as I whip up the final piece in the next few days. I've got until Wednesday evening to finish because Logan has a Halloween party at school on Thursday morning. *pressure*

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Technique: Scalloped Hem

My friend Jen bought a beautiful dress to wear to a wedding on Halloween. It is stunning! One problem though - it is 2.5 inches too long. Actually it's probably about 4 inches too long, but we tried it on with the shoes she wants to wear which makes it about 2.5 inches too long.

She enlisted my help with the shortening process. Normally I would measure and then just hand stitch the entire hem up. But this dress is heavily pleated. To hand stitch it would take hours and it wouldn't hang as lovely. The pleats wouldn't press out as nice with a handstitched hem. It's to delicate to even do a decent machine blind hem.

Hmmm... dilemma....

I'm sure for the more experience sewist - those who went to design school or those who read all the sewing books - this would be no problem at all. But I'm a "learn as you go" kinda girl, so I'll show you a new technique that I tried today. Scallop Hem. I actually learned of this method from my Brother Sewing Machine Manual. That thing is a wealth of information!

**Note: I'm sure Jen won't mind a couple photographs of her dress in the interest of art, but just in case, I only photographed the bottom of said dress.***

First I measured all the way around and chalked it at 2.5 inches. The bottom of this dress is insanely long. Chalk is always easy to wipe away and makes it so that you have a nice line to follow when you're stitching.

Next I selected the proper stitch (scallop stitch is number 13 on the Brother CS6000) foot, needle and thread colour for this project. Then I used this decorative stitch to sew along the chalk line. It took me 50 minutes to do this! Yeah- that was a lot of fabric along the bottom of this dress. Good thing I didn't have to hem it by hand. ;)

Then I carefully trimmed the excess fabric away. Tonight I will sit and do a bit of a closer trim while I watch TV, but I didn't want to lay out the dress with my messy kids playing in the same room. That would have been a disaster!

Be careful not to trim the thread.
Now that is a delicate and very beautiful hem!

Jen told me that this wedding is outside, so she's going to have to wear a coat over her dress - at least for the ceremony. So I took the excess fabric from the bottom of her dress and made her a pretty corsage flower to pin on her coat. At least then she'll have a part of her dress on the outside to admire :)

Pretty pretty!

Friday, 22 October 2010

How To: Tawny Bee Kids Moccasins

I know there are about a million tutorials on how to make cute little soft shoes for your kids, but I still wanted to add my own. They are a great Christmas gift after all!

So check out how to make Tawny Bee Moccasins in several kid sizes from 6 months to size 11 (with free downloadable patterns).

Time Needed: About an hour

Skill Level: some machine sewing, lining (easy to moderate)

Supplies Needed:
- downloadable pattern in the appropriate size (links are listed further on in this How To)
- 0.25 meter of faux fur or fleece for lining
- 0.25 meter of fabric for outside and sole
- 0.25 meter of vinyl (if desired for sole)
- coordinating thread
- felt for applique (if desired)
- 2 decorative buttons (if desired)

Step 1:
- Download and print appropriate sized pattern
Size 6 months
Size 1 year
Kids Size 4-5
Kids Size 6-7
Kids Size 8-9
Kids Size 10-11

**** Note: I'm not a professional pattern maker, so forgive me if the sizing is a little bit off for your kids. They are based on average sizes from pediatric charts.

- cut the pattern pieces out
- Fleece or faux fur works nice for a comfy lining
- quilters cotton, flannelette, or knits all work for the outside fabric. I've even used upcycled materials to make these
- for the soles I like to use vinyl for a non-slip grip, but you can use regular fabric or another form of anti-slip grip material as well
- Cut 2 top pieces from Fabric and 2 top pieces from lining material
- Cut 2 soles from lining material and 2 soles from either outside fabric or vinyl
- Cut 2 heels from lining material and 2 heels from outside fabric

If you're wanting to applique a design on the from of the moccasin, this would be the time to do that. I recommend using the applique method as opposed to placing buttons on the moccasins if you're making them for small children. Sew the applique down well and there will be no choking hazard.

Below is an example of a pair of moccasins I made with an applique.

Step 2:
- place the top pieces (outside and lining) right sides together and sew them together at about 1/4 inch seam along the straight edge. Do this for both moccasins.

Step 3:
- Turn the pieces so that they are wrong sides together and top stitch along the straight edge where you just sewed. Do this for both tops.

Step 4:
- pin heel pieces (outside and lining) right sides together. Sew in a 1/4 seam along birth sides and rounded top. Do this for both heels.

Step 5:
- Turn heels right side out and top stitch along short sides and rounded top. Do this for both heels.

Step 6:
- place lining and sole wrong sides together. Baste around the edge to hold in place. Do this for both soles.

Step 7:
- very carefully pin the top piece to the sole piece right sides together (or bottom of sole to right side of top piece). Do this for both moccasins. It's kind of a hit and miss situation. I just eyeball it to make sure the top piece is centered over top of the sole.

Step 8:
- you can either sew the tops in place first, or continue pinning. Whatever makes you most comfortable. Pin heel in place right sides together. The heels should overlap the tops a little bit on each side. Do this for each moccasin. Again, I eyeball it to make sure it's centered.

Step 9:
- sew around the entire moccasin. If you need to use a half inch seam here, that's just fine. I tend to want a larger seam here in order to make sure I'm sewing through all the layers. This can be especially difficult if using fake fur as your lining. Go slowly and it will all come together. Or sew the tops on first and then pin and sew the heels on afterward.

Step 10:
- hand sew a decorative button on the top of your moccasins. Also hand sew the heel to the top of the moccasin where the joint touches. This will help keep them together better.

Ta Da! My little boy really likes these ones and I happened to make them in his size (9-10). So he's now claimed them as his own. But if anyone really wants this pair, I have enough fabric and two more awesome dump truck buttons to make another one. Just send me a message (link in my profile) and I'll be happy to whip some up for you.

Now go try them out for yourself. As always these patterns are for your use to make for your kids, as gifts, to sell... whatever you like - I'm not picky. If you do try them though, I would love to see the results. You're welcome to link to a blog post where you've shown your version in the comments below, or share at the Tawny Bee Flickr Group, or email me with a picture. I may even feature a few reader versions on an upcoming post! :)

If you don't sew, but still love these Tawny Bee Moccasins, I do have a few pairs available to you in my Etsy shop: