Friday, 10 September 2010

Winnipeg's Freecycle Weekend September 2010

This weekend is Freecycle Weekend in Winnipeg. We get to put stuff that we no longer need on our front lawn with a sign that reads, "Free," and people can wander around the neighbourhood picking up anything they like, want, need.

It's a great way to clear out the house before winter sets in and possibly score some great "new to me" items :)

Here is a list of the loot we'll have out on our front lawn tomorrow morning:

- A Jumperoo (pictured below) Our kids have both loved this jumper, but have grown out of it. We'll even leave the batteries in it so that whoever scores this item can listen to a nice little tune while they're hauling it away.

Kids not included.

- 2 baby bathtubs. One of them actually hooks to the side of the big tub.
- A blue Bumbo (pictured below). Both of my kids figured out how to escape from Bumbo after about 5 tries. Here's hoping the person who takes this item has better luck.

Once again, kids not included. :P

If it doesn't rain too much I'll also put out:
- various jigsaw puzzles
- books
- kids clothes that aren't currently in my "to upcycle" pile (this includes a really nice winter zip up baby snowsuit)

So if you're wandering around Windsor Park tomorrow, come on by and check out the loot. :)

Logan painted the background of an awesome "Free" sign for the occasion.

Are you participating in Freecycle Weekend? And are you putting out any awesome loot that I need to have?

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Periwinkle Dzyns said...

yup - we have furniture the kids have outgrown to put out - if it doesn't rain - a entertainment unit, and bags of miscellaneous stuff left from dd's room clean up = here's hoping for sunny skies and good hunting!