Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Too Early?

The kids and I went to the Dollar Store yesterday to have a look around. That place is excellent for finding crafty things for super cheap. The Halloween stuff was out so we perused through that aisle of course!

Instead of waiting until the last minute to find our pumpkin leaf bags, we bought some early. They glow in the dark!

Terry and the kids filled them up already and put them out. What do you think? A little too early perhaps?

They were already blowing everywhere today so, unless Terry puts some rocks in them to hold them down, I have a feeling our neighbors will think it's too early. We'll wait a little before we put out our jack o' lanterns and other Halloween decorations - we promise!


Modred Vintage said...

Some people already have pumpkins up in our area, so it's not too early. I broke out one of our Halloween decorations, it's a black cat (of course).

Kimberly said...

Nash you're actually behind since some stores are carrying christmas stuff.
PP I love LOVE the dollar store for crafts!! I can scrapbook the shat out of anything ;)

Positively Pampered Patty said...

It's never too early for Halloween! I am a big kid myself.
I found you on FMIC.
Pampered Patty