Thursday, 23 September 2010

Toddler Art Smock

Logan has a passion for painting. Every Friday he wakes up and lets me know that today he will paint something. It's very cute. And of course, I let him. But like any great artist, he's not concerned with getting paint on his clothes. His mommy is though!

So I brought out my One Yard Wonders pattern book and made the Toddler Art Smock for Logan (page 214).

I had just enough Thomas The Train fabric to make the front, back and sides. I had to use some crazy green stripes for the pocket. I also used up all my small scraps of bias tape for this smock. It's going to get paint all over it, so why shouldn't it be colourful?

Logan was just getting ready for bed as I finished it last night, so he didn't get a chance to try it on yet. Besides, he says he has to save it for painting. I did convince him to put a few of his artist tools in the pockets to try them out.

Here's a photo of the back:

Wouldn't this inspire you to paint? (In a "keep you clothes clean" kinda way of course)


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PeriwinkleDzyns said...

sweet! love it - every artist needs the right tools to be inspired

Jennwith4 said...

Awesome job!

Gale said...

Neato! This is the kinda thing makes me wish I knew how to sew. Though not enough to actually learn how to sew. :-)

bleuvanille said...

so cute and fun with all the bias tape colors! My boys would love this Thomas fabric...

Tame Toddler said...

Nice smock, you have talent

queenbeaz said...

Cute! I haven't seen one quite like this style before. Thanks for sharing!