Tuesday, 14 September 2010

These Cows and Puppies Guarantee A Warm Night's Sleep

I finished two more comforters for donation to Siloam Mission. I'm starting to think that my goal is attainable. Ten for October 1st is within reach!

The first one is cutesie puppies. Lane really likes the fabric I used for this comforter. She wrapped herself in it and chanted, "puppy, puppy, puppy." I love the backing as well. Just a simple, yet classy plaid.

This next one is my favourite so far. I love these pink and black cows! So sweet. Made out of 100% cotton flannel and twin sized. It is super warm and cozy. If you would like to purchase it or any of the other ones, just send me a message (my email is in my profile link). I'm selling each comforter for $50. That will get you one pretty awesome comforter for yourself and one pretty awesome comforter will be added to the donation pile for Siloam Mission. Pretty awesome deal eh?

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