Thursday, 9 September 2010

Thankful Thursday and New Comforters!

Yesterday I finished two more comforters for the donation pile. On October 1st, I'll be dropping off ten handmade comforters to Siloam Mission. If you want to help me in this charitable endeavor, please visit this link for more details.

I would like to thank two very special people on this Thankful Thursday for helping me toward my goal this month:

Cheryle (all the way over in Australia!)
Ruth (of Periwinkle Dzyns)

Thank you ladies for your kind donation toward my project. These two comforters have been made in part with your generous help. :)

I was fabric shopping for comforter supplies this past week and was lucky to hit up a sale on 100% cotton flannel! So now these comforters will be on sale for $50 instead of the $60 I was originally offering them for. And as I mentioned in the earlier post, if you buy one for yourself (or for a gift for someone else) I will donate one to Siloam Mission.

If you like any of the ones I've posted here, or here, or here, let me know. Also if you have a particular colour or design in mind, I can probably find something pretty close to the vision in your head. All these comforters are 100% cotton. They are soft, warn and cozy. They are twin-sized (but if you want another size, I can figure that out as well). Perfect for the upcoming chilly autumn and winter evenings.

I have 3 more prepared to sew up later this week and next. They include puppies, cows and happy faces! Stay tuned.

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