Sunday, 19 September 2010

Shiver Me Pursestrings!

Yarrrr it be "Talk Like a Pirate" Day today.

I got me a grog of Slurpee drink and I'm ready to share me latest artistic endeavors with ye.

As you know my little scalawag has been a bit of a pain in me arse when sailing to pre-school each morn. I was so busy trying to whisk that rapscallion into the classroom when I caught me purse on the sail of the stroller and ripped the entire front pocket off!

Oh no, what is a fine wench like myself supposed to do now? Make me a brand new shiny purse!

Ain't she the purdiest in the sea?

Of course, I had help making this fine bag with a tutorial found here. So surf on over there me mateys before ye meet the cold end of me cutlass.

I've had no luck hunting down any treasure lately, so I went cheap and used an upcycled snap as a closure. (Magnetic closures make us robot pacemaker pirates worry a little anyway).

The piping around the edge makes this pirate wench smile. Shiver me timbers!

Leave a comment below, or walk the plank ye scalawags!


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1 comment:

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

arrr tis a fine chest of fabric to carry 'round yer treasure!