Saturday, 18 September 2010

Saturday Showcase - TV Watching Time!

The blog post idea is shamelessly stolen from Nenette's Life Candy TV post. Hers is better ;)

This week has been all about waiting. Waiting for our favourite TV shows to start! We've had a rough summer. We watched the entire Two Guys and a Girl series. Then we had nothing. We watched a few Northern Exposure episodes and some movies. It's about time some of our shows started up again!

Will Sam get to remain devil Sam for the entire season? Because that would be awesome! Will House and Cuddy be an interesting couple? Probably not. Will Sheldon drive everyone nuts with his new relationship? I hope so!

I've chunked the list into A few sections that make sense to this Team LT bunch :) You know - since we don't actually watch any of these shows on the day they air.

Shows that Terry and I watch together:

Chuck - nerdy super spies! Yay!

Weeds - this has already started and we love it so far.

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
- most ridiculous show ever.

The IT Crowd
- This is a British show and they have funny seasons, so it already started and ended this summer. Anxiously waiting another year before this one starts up again.

Supernatural - Evil Sam for the entire season please! And the normal mix of pretty (for me) and blood and guts (for Terry)

House - Worried that House will be the wrong kind of jerk while he's in love with Cuddy. We'll see...

Futurama - It's already begun on a new network :)

Big Bang Theory - love the Sheldon/Penny episodes

Two and a Half Men - mindless entertainment is sometimes needed after spending all day with our kids hehehe

Metalocalypse - Awesome cartoon with awesome music!

Shows that Terry watches:

Burn Notice

Dexter - he hopes they know what they are doing...
Man vs. Wild

Breaking Bad - his fave!

Warehouse 13


Stargate Universe - he says he hope it doesn't suck as much as last season

Shows that I watch:


General Hospital - soap opera, so it doesn't really "start" this fall. It breaks up the endless hours of Sponge Bob we are subjected to in a day.

Hell's Kitchen

Project Runway - started already and fabulous as usual.

Survivor - just started, but I really don't pay much attention until the interesting characters begin to shine through the crowd of contestants.

Shows that we might try:

Haven - we actually tried a few episodes of this one and couldn't get into it

- watched a few episodes from the first season and it was mildly interesting, although Terry had nightmares about autism for a few nights - yikes!

Flight of the Conchords - we also tried this one out, but we're not so much into the weird singing.


Because we don't actually watch TV commercials, we don't really know much about any of the new shows that are coming out this season. Do you have any that you're looking forward to? Any that we should check out? Are there any that are already running that we're missing out on? What are your faves?


Nenette Alejandria Mayor said...

Oh, I definitely wouldn't say my list is better. Your list is great!
What do you think of the new season of Futurama?! We've been watching it online. OMG, they haven't been holding back the raunchiness *at all* since their switch to Comedy! SO FUNNY!
Oh, yeah, I do enjoy the pretty on Supernatural too. ;)

Modred Vintage said...

I don't watch a lot of TV, but I do like Futurama.

chezmay said...

Have you seen "Being Erica"? This is my new fave show at the moment. We had to hire it from the store but so far we've seen both season 1 & 2 and I love it.

Tawny said...

Oh yeah Futurama can certainly get away with a lot more on a new Network. It's good to see that they can still be funny and push some boundaries too. :)
I have seen "Being Erica" but I haven't really given it a chance. We don't have cable, so I have to watch it through the fuzz and static that is the CBC at our house.