Saturday, 11 September 2010

Saturday Showcase #2

This week has been all about school at the Team LT house!

After a pile of anxiety dreams, I finally took Logan to pre-school this week. And everything was fine. But as every worrier will tell you if I didn't worry so much about it it would have been the most horrible experience ever. I need to analyze all the terrible things that could go wrong in order to appreciate that nothing went wrong hehehe

Even more exciting than starting pre-school for Logan this week was that we increased his bedtime to 8:30. We did this to solidify the "big boy" adventure. Since Logan is a big boy who goes to school, he gets to stay up later than his baby sister who has bedtime at 8:00. Oh boy, that means three more Sponge Bob episodes before night night!

Terry took two days off of work this week to help Logan transition into his new school experience. While he was gone, his co-workers must have missed him because he came back to this on Friday:

The head opens up and there were sheets of paper with 1's and 0's on them. There were 2 pictures in the brain as well - one of Wolverine from X-Men (Logan) and the other of Layne Staley from Alice in Chains (Lane). They apparently tried to find a picture of Tawny Kitaen as well, but could only find her mugshot so didn't include it hahaha. The watch was a print of his exact watch. The beard was torn up paper towel coloured black with a marker.

This was the "talk bubble" above FrankenTerry's head. Terribly funny to anyone who loves IT Crowd.

Maybe FrankenTerry can take over at meetings now? It's pretty realistic eh? Terry says it only proves that his co-workers actually pay attention to him when he talks.

Well, Lane wasn't as excited as the rest of us were about school. But she was very interested in Winnipeg Giveaway (Freecycle) Weekend. We put all out stuff out and were cleaned out in less than an hour! All except for this baby. Nobody wanted this trouble maker.

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