Monday, 13 September 2010

Pre-Schooler Pants: Manitoba Bisons

Are you getting tired of reading about Pre-Schooler pants? Cuz I'm not tired of making them yet!

Here is the latest version: Manitoba Bisons

I had some leftover fabric from the groomsmen ties that I made for the wedding. So voila! Cute pants for Logan. I used green accent thread this time and they look awesome.

This is what happens when I choose a bunch of fabric out of my stash and let Logan pick which one he wants made into pants. He wanted to be like uncle Cory (who was forced to wear a bisons tie at the wedding). Anything uncle Cory does is automatically cool.

I think I will try to sew of few pairs of the Pre-Schooler pants in fleece once the weather gets even cooler. I'll let you know how they turn out.

You can check out the other two pairs of Pre-Schooler pants that I made here and here.


Jennie said...

I've forgotten - is this your own pattern or one you've purchased?

Tawny said...

HI Jennie :)

This would be my own pattern draft. And a pretty good one I must say (to toot my own horn). If I could ever figure out my scanner enough to make multiple pages in one, I might put it up for download. But that takes work, and I'm kinda lazy...