Monday, 20 September 2010

Paisley and The Essential Winnipeg Comforter

Pay It Forward Month is going smoothly so far. I'm starting to get a brutal cold though, so it's a good thing I'm ahead and should be able to reach 10 comforters by the end of the month. I'm looking forward to dropping them off at Siloam Mission on October 1st.

Here are the next two:

Purple paisley is one of my favourite things. This comforter looks so soft and cozy. I just want to curl up and have a warm nap. :)

As always, these comforters are made with 100% cotton flannel and are soft and puffy. Perfect warmth for a cool autumn and cold winter night in Winnipeg.

The next one I call the Essential Winnipeg Comforter (you'll see why when you see the picture)

Construction - complete with detour signs and Canada on the other side. :)

If any of these comforters suit your fancy and you would like to purchase one, they are on sale for $50. That will get you one cozy comforter for yourself and ensure that I will add one more onto the pile for donation to Siloam Mission. Just message me through my Blogger profile or Facebook. I can also make up a custom comforter for you if you have a size, pattern, or colour in mind.

As a reminder, I'll post up the past links in my Pay It Forward Month challenge (including all the pretty comforters I have already made):

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Tawny said...

Thanks. I'm not really looking for work right now, but the contact email button is always available in my profile.

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