Sunday, 26 September 2010

Mission Comforters Complete!

It's less than one week before October 1st. Do I have my goal of 10 comforters ready to donate to Siloam Mission?

Oh yeah!!!!

Here is the 9th one:

Very Canadian and cozy.

I save the best one for last! I love this next one with all my heart. I want to keep it, but I know of plenty of other people in this cold city who need it more.

It makes me smile every time I look at it. It was a joy to sew!

I wish I had the finances to keep sewing these, but I'm hoping to do this every year. I love sewing them! They are terrifically warm and soft.

Here they are all bagged and waiting to go!

Do you think I'll be able to fit these in my trunk? Probably not. I'll be putting them wherever they will fit - in between the kids' car seats, under their feet, in between us in the front seat. The plan is to pack up the comforters and the kids, drive downtown, pick daddy up from work on Friday afternoon and then go to drop the comforters off at Siloam. Don't worry, I gotcha covered - I will bring my camera ;) Look out for our experience in a future post.

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Jennwith4 said...

Awesome job! I'm sure the recipients of these comforters will stay warm and sleep with a smile knowing someone special cared about them!

Jude 22 'And of some have compassion, making a difference:'

Modred Vintage said...

Congrats! That has to be great feeling of accomplishment.

chezmay said...

What a terrific job you did! I especially like the smiley one too. I'm sure they all will put a smile on the persons faces who receives them. I don't know how you manage to do all this sewing and raise 2 wonderful kids too. You are so amazing.