Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Doc

The kids had a check up at the pediatrician's office today. I let Terry handle this one. I'm one of those mommies who is a nervous wreck when the baby needs her immunizations (and she needed three of them today!) Daddy is much better at handling the whole baby zoo experience. The Manitoba Clinic has an office full of pediatricians so there are babies and kids everywhere. There is even a factory line of baby weighings and measurings. It intimidates the hell outta me.

I gotta say that this afternoon was a good rest for me. Logan has been giving me a run for my mommy whits this week. He has decided that he does not want to go to pre-school anymore. He fights me every step of the way. I've had to strong arm him all the way to school by strapping him into the double stroller and walking him there. Then I have to leave him screaming and crying in the classroom and take that walk of shame all the way home with Lane. He is fine about two minutes after I leave, but I cry all the way home :(

My heart can't take this stress, so I hope that the situation resolves itself soon. I'm sure the little man will get used to his new school life in a few weeks. I've just got to keep my sanity until then.

Look at this little angel. Hard to believe that he cause so much ruckus. He's even pulled out all the stops by crying and screaming, "Mommy I miss you, Mommy I love you," while I'm leaving. Gah!

Lane misses her big brother as well. She's climbed up the stairs and went straight for the front door to put on her shoes at least 6 times every morning. She really wants to go pick her brother up from school. I guess there's nothing to do when she can't follow him around and check out all the fun stuff he's doing.

Anyway, the doctor's appointment went well for both kids. Lane got her immunizations and a hug from her big brother for being such a strong girl. And Logan didn't complain when the doctor measured him and listened to his heart. And mommy got a slight rest for her heart... until tomorrow morning. One more school day this week and then I can rest - phew!

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