Sunday, 12 September 2010

Bowling for the Boy and T-Shirt Upcycling for the Girl

Recently we've noticed that Lane is growing out of all her t-shirts. Doesn't it seem like I'm always typing a variation of that sentence? My children just keep growing and it's a challenge to keep up with them! All of the onesies that I cut and made into t-shirts are small, plus some of the other tops that were given to us when Lane was born.

Time for the next round! I had a cute t-shirt in my closet that never fit. It made the perfect upcycle for Lane.

The sleeves were cut from the back of Lane's outgrown pajamas and the neckline was part of an outgrown summer dress of hers.

So cute!

I made two more upcycled t-shirts this weekend, for a total of three. Aren't these ones adorable as well? The puppy applique was cut out of Logan's outgrown jammies. I made the sleeves out of the same pair of jammies and the top was one of mine that I really didn't like.

The pink one has the "daddy's girl" applique from one of Lane's onesies. Terry was so sad to see that one go, so I just had to cut it out and applique it on another top. I asked Terry if I would have to continue cutting it out and placing it onto all of Lane's new tops until she was 18. Terry said, "Yes - when she's 18, she can get a tattoo of it." HAHAHA And on that one, the sleeves were baby jammies as well and the main pink top was upcycled from a blouse that I had but didn't really fit very well.

Then we went bowling!

Windsor Bowling Lanes had their grand opening today after being closed for renovations. We decided to go and check it out.

There was glow bowling all day for free. Here is the family checking out the newly renovated lanes.

Lane tried her hand at bowling. Well mostly it was daddy letting her touch the ball during his turn, but it's a good start. :)

For Logan, today was his very first time bowling. The bumpers were up and Logan had a terrific time pushing the bowling ball down the lane. He almost beat mommy! Yeah, I'm a terrible bowler. Logan cheered for me anyway. And Lane cheered for everyone when it was their turn. What a fun time!


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Jennwith4 said...

What a fun family day! And those shirts are cute!

Modred Vintage said...

Nine pin bowling-right? I tried it this summer, it's fun. Love the shirt you upcycled.

Tawny said...

Thanks! It was a fun family day. It was 5 pin bowling. They have smaller bowling balls than 10 pin does. Easier for little hands :)