Friday, 3 September 2010

Bottle Squid

This post could be called, Adventures While Crafting as well.

Boy, what a day we've had!

Friday started out really well. Logan actually slept in until 8:00 today, which he totally needed because he's been up at 7:00 every day this week and has been fussy as a result. Then I found out that we won an Artzooka prize pack from Kids CBC on twitter because I twitpic'ed a photo of Logan's artwork (remember the banner he painted for Lane's 1st Birthday).

Anyway, Logan woke up in a good mood and decided that he wanted to paint today. Who am I to deny the boy his crafting vision? I love crafting!

I wasn't feeling at all creative today though, so I went to my stand by for kids crafts - Crafts By Amanda and found this lovely idea for water bottle octopi. Cool! Only we didn't have any water bottles. We use the refillable water cooler instead. So we improvised with milk jugs.

We painted these jugs and let them dry. While they were drying, Lane got into the paints and needed to be cleaned up. Then she climbed up onto Logan's step stool and fell off of it headfirst onto the lino floor. Ouch!

Then Logan was coming down the stairs after lunch and did a bit of a cartwheel/somersault acrobat act and landed on his back at the bottom of the stairs. Yipes! I just about had a heart attack. I thought for sure he would have broken an arm or an ankle or leg. Thank goodness he was fine. He might be a little bumped and bruised and stiff tomorrow though.

So I laid him down on the couch to watch Sponge Bob and put Lane down for her afternoon nap.

This day was getting worse, hopefully a little crafting would help out a bit. I cut the legs of our bottle squids and Logan happily decorated his. He named his Squidward of course. Isn't it the cutest thing?

I love his so much! My little boy is so smart and creative. I think his is better than mine. Sometimes you just need to be a child to capture that whimsy and fun in a project.

Mine's not to bad either. They will be hanging out (literally!) in our livingroom for a little while until the next crafting project strikes our fancy. The milk jugs actually make it really easy to hang these little guys because they have a nice handle on the back to attach the ribbon to.

Maybe our next crafting project will be made with Logan's new Artzooka prize pack? We'll see...

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