Sunday, 15 August 2010

Wedding Present Home Improvement

We spent this rainy weekend doing a little home improvement. Our wedding presents are getting put to good use.

First up, we received this pretty decorative bowl. It was looking lonely on our dining room table, so I decided to make some fruit to keep it company. I made strawberries, a green apple, a banana, an orange and some grapes. Pretty isn't it?

All this week, I'll post up tutorials for each piece of fruit - just in case you want to know how to make them for yourself. I will even scan and have free patterns available for download :)

Next up, we received an awesome wall hanging. We liked where we placed it so much that we had to go on a hunt to the Forks today to find another one to match it. It looked a little lopsided being on one side of our hall closet, but it was the perfect place. Now it has a match and looks very happy in it's new home.

The next item was a beaded curtain. I put a call out to my family to find one of these for us. We decided to get rid of that awful accordion-style closet door, but didn't have anything else to put in there. The beaded curtain was a great choice. It looks very cool there.

We also received a beautiful cross stitch which we have yet to hang. We don't have a hanger and forgot to pick one up while at Canadian Tire while we were there today - ooops! Oh well, it'll give us some time to decide which part of our house is classy enough for such a nice picture.

And the last item we didn't actually receive as a wedding present, but we really needed one. We finally hung up a clock in our kitchen. We bought it at the lovely antique store called WalMart hahaha. Yeah OK, so it isn't antique but you can't go wrong with a $15 clock.


Will share my pretty fruit bowl with these lovely sewists:

Sumo Sweet Stuff


Leslie said...

i love the fabric fun

Larri said...

Cute fruit! I'm interested to see how you put each of them together. Thanks for sharing your button with me. :o) Stopping over from Sew & Tell. Happy Sewing! :o)