Sunday, 1 August 2010

Terry and Tawny Get Married: The Vows

Terry and I decided to write our own vows for the wedding. Talk about pressure!

But I think we did a pretty good job.

I got to go first during the ceremony, and of course I had a catch in my throat and then started crying through the whole thing. My bridesmaids weren't any help because as soon as I started crying, they started up as well. So I wonder if anyone even heard my vows? Anyway, I ended up cutting them really short because I couldn't say them through the bawling.

Here they are in their entirety (the underlined stuff was the part I had to skip):

Terry - when I'm with you even the most awful things are turned into funny adventures. We almost freeze while waiting for the bus, but instead we laugh about getting to eat tentacles at Valentine's Day dinner. Or I get really sick while camping at this very park, but all we focus on was how loopy I got after taking some Excedrin from the neighbouring campers. There are so many examples of how being together makes every situation alright. So I want to add one extra vow onto the ones were are going to take today. I vow to always be a willing participant in any and all of life's adventure with you.

And because I can't think of anything original and romantic to say, I'll leave it up to Blue Rodeo: "If we're lost - then we are lost together."

Yup the ending was just too hard to choke out. I read it to Terry later on that day and still bawled like a baby.

Terry did an awesome job saying his vows. No blubbering from his groomsmen even though all the bridesmaids (and the bride) were pools of mushy goo on the floor at this point.

Here are Terry's in their entirety:

Tawny - we grew up on different sides of the prairies with different backgrounds, different thoughts and different dreams. Yet we still crossed paths at just the right time and in just the right place. Over time our two hearts have become one. If that isn't fate, then I'm not sure what is.
Over the last 10 years we've celebrated the good times and persevered through the bad. We've had two wonderful children together that are one billion times better than I ever could have imagined.
You are forever a part of me. I could never imagine my life without you. You are both my soul-mate and best friend. This is why I can't imagine being anywhere else but right here in this moment, next to you and our two beautiful children, pledging my heart to you ...

(and we both said very loudly) UNTIL WE BOTH ARE DEAD!!!!

hehehe. You didn't think we would let our guests go through all that mushy stuff without some good ole' Team T silliness did you?

The last line was from the oddest of sources. We have been watching all the episodes of Two Guys and a Girl - an early 2000s sitcom with Ryan Reynolds in it. Anyway, two characters on the show were getting married and writing their own vows. The groom-to-be basically just rewrote the traditional vows as his first attempt and "until we both are dead" was the ending. It was terribly funny to us at the time because we were feeling the stress of writing our own vows, so we decided to include it :)

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