Saturday, 28 August 2010

Saturday Showcase #1 with Linky List

Welcome to the first ever Saturday Showcase!

A Saturday Showcase is a way for us to let you know the major themes, topics of discussion, likes, dislikes, interests or whatever for the week. We will "showcase" articles, pictures, blogs, food/restaurants, projects, music, TV shows, Movies, etc that we found interesting or noteworthy during the week.

So here's what is floating our boats at Team LT's house this week:


This is the view from Terry's office window and a source for much discussion and speculation this week. When Terry went to work last week, there was a building blocking his view, but this week (without much warning) this is what has been happening. Our friend Selena jokes that this is what happens when she sends her man Doug to work downtown everyday. We wouldn't like Doug when he's angry HAHAHAHA!


If I watch another episode of Sponge Bob Squarepants, I'm going to .... well... I'll watch it quietly because it keeps Logan occupied ... but seriously, how many episodes of Sponge Bob can this toddler watch without getting bored? The boredom hasn't set in yet and he's watched 67,934 episodes this week alone.

We even put all the episodes on Terry's computer and then created a huge playlist in VLC that we can play on random because we're tired of choosing which ones to watch.


I've been thinking about taking an online creative class called Small Craft. It's a 6-week course with 30 project tutorials. All the projects are things I can make for Children 10 and under. Awesome! Not sure I'll have time for this course though, but there are no deadlines so I can work at my own pace.

Is anyone taking this online class? Does anyone want to take it with me? We could be motivation buddies! If you're in Winnipeg and want to take the class with me, but don't have access to a sewing machine, I'd be happy to let you come on over and use mine.

As you can see, I think motivation is going to be the most difficult part for me. Do you think I should try it anyway? Wanna try it with me?


Lane looks forward to breakfast every morning. She can't even wait until 8:00 to start eating. She's been waking up at 6:15 every morning. I bring her downstairs to play so that we can give Logan a little more time in bed in peace and quiet. But this baby won't be deterred. She climbs up the stairs constantly - trying to get to the kitchen.

Finally 8:00 comes and I deem it appropriate time to eat breakfast and wake up Logan. Lane gobbles down her baby cereal and then points to the corner where the Banana Nut Cheerios are. If I bring over the box of Honey Nut Cheerios instead, she looks at me and refuses to eat any of them. She knows what she wants and it's Banana Nut Cheerios or nothing! yum! Her fave snack.


Now that we've told you what's been making news at our house, it's your turn! What's been happening at your house? What news do you have to share? What should Team LT being paying attention to.

I'm even going to make it easy for you to share with a little link list. Link up your blog, an interesting article or photo. Maybe you have a project you want to share, or a sale in your online shop. Whatever is making news for you this week.

If your news doesn't have an online home, just let me know about it in the comments. Perhaps you have a funny story or joke you heard this week? Or you did something incredible with your family?

Pretty much anything goes, so if you want to promote your blog or your store or your fanpage or whatever is interesting in your world this week, go right ahead. (just remember that this is a family sorta blog, so nothing inappropriate please - I'll just delete it if you try). Well see if this link thing works.... and is worthwhile to continue...

I'll feature my favourite links on the next Saturday Showcase if there's any interest at all :)

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